Cross-channel attribution: You want it. We’ve got it.

It’s not an urban myth: It really is possible to develop cross-channel attribution models for your paid search campaigns. We’ve got the connections to prove it!

Some say it’s not what you know; it’s who you know. At Acquisio, we say it’s both. For example, we’ve teamed up our brilliant system (which we know really well) with helpful third parties like Tag Man, DCstorm and Qubit (whom we’re happy to know), to bring you attributed conversion data for paid search.

It works like this: We tack on a little “homing device”, an encoding formula we call Unique ID, onto your ads. When a conversion event takes place, this loyal little fellow sticks around through the entire process. It heads on over to the tag management or attribution solution vendor, who then uses Unique ID to map each click back to the exact keyword. They send the findings back to home base here at Acquisio, where we put it all together for you in a nifty report.  

With attribution models pointing out correlations and giving you deeper insights into your digital campaign efforts, you’ll be setting your ROI on fire in no time.

And now you know!

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