Where do customers come from? Acquisio’s CRM Data Connectors take you to the source.

Gaining new customers through your online advertising efforts is great. Learning how they became customers in the first place and drawing a dotted line to your ROI is even greater.

When it comes to your online campaigns, you may find yourself wanting more insight than regular conversion tracking can provide. As you may have guessed by now, the Acquisio team is on it. Using our clever CRM Data Connectors, we’ll help you sniff out the details of your conversions to get the big picture on the full value of your customers.

How it Works

Our automated Unique ID encoding is the star of this show. From your CRM system, Unique ID allows us to track your offline qualified leads, sales opportunities and associated revenue, right back to the keyword clicked.

A feed out of the CRM allows us to hook up to all that data, collect it for you in the oh-so-welcoming Acquisio platform, link it to your online spend, and voilà! From there you can analyze and take action on the data, and of course, create compelling reports that show off your true return on ad spend (ROAS).

It’s just one more way Acquisio add-ons help you take your online efforts and your ad budget to the max.

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