The Google Display Network represents the biggest opportunity for search marketers, yet most are afraid of it or only use it for remarketing. Why? Because it takes a great methodology, a lot of discipline and hard work to find those placements that can unlock large volumes of good quality leads. And most of us are in short supply of all of these things.

Join Acquisio Co-Founder and EVP Marc Poirier, and Francis Shovlin, PPC Associate at SEER Interactive, as they discuss how to generate large volumes of quality conversions using the Google Display Network.

They'll answer questions like:

  • How do I measure success in display advertising?
  • What are proven methodologies that will generate more conversions and lower CPA?
  • How technology can automate the process of finding the right placements and bidding the right price?

If you’re struggling with display, or you just need to find new ways to unlock more conversions and hit your target CPA, then you must attend this webinar.


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