Acquisio helps one of WSI Brazil’s largest accounts increase conversions by 175% while cutting down CPA by 87%!

WSI is the world leader in Internet marketing, web development and web design.
WSI Brazil is a division of WSI, a profitable Digital Marketing Solution for SMBs since the mid 1990s.With a global network of Digital Marketing Consultants in over 80 countries, WSI is the largest of its kind.

The Challenge

WSI is an international leader in web development, with franchises across the world, and while this shows great success for WSI as an enterprise, some areas typically have less capital to invest in web development services. This puts more pressure on branches like WSI Brazil to prove the value of their offerings to marketers in those developing economies.

“Digital marketing software is accessible to large agencies, but there’s a financial barrier for other companies,” explained Heitor Siviero, Project Coordinator at WSI Brazil.

What WSI Brazil needed was a fool proof solution that helped businesses increase conversions and see higher ROAS. That way businesses would feel comfortable investing, regardless of their ad spend. 

The Solution

Acquisio’s bid & budget management solution

Acquisio’s bid & budget optimization solution was just what WSI Brazil needed. The automated tool is built to maximize clicks and conversions while reducing cost by optimizing the PPC budget. By investing in this solution, the cost is justified by an unparalleled return on ad spend. 

WSI Brazil tested out the optimization technology  with several of their largest accounts to see if it could produce worthwhile results, and in less than a month the answer was clear. 

“Our clients more than doubled their conversions and drastically reduced the cost per conversion,” explained Siviero. “The client is really happy with us and that means we’re really happy with Acquisio.” 

Acquisio’s bid and budget optimization tool is able to achieve such dramatic results because the algorithms update every 30 minutes to account for any changes that happen in the PPC auction throughout the day. The system then makes multiple decisions every second to allow each campaign to automatically spend the budget effectively and with more overall control.

“The greatest benefit was that we saved so much time with the automation we could focus on the quality of the campaigns. It’s a great tool, and these numbers will definitely help us get new clients and prove to prospective clients that we can improve their campaigns. It’s a really great selling tool for our company, ” explained Siviero. 

The Results

WSI Brazil Acquisio results

WSI Brazil is very focused on conversions rather than clicks, so the first thing the agency tried to do was see how Acquisio’s bid and budget optimization tool could improve the clients’ conversions while decreasing their conversion cost.

The month before using the optimization tool, WSI Brazil’s client’s campaign had 59 conversion, from August 3rd to September 2nd. The next month, while using Acquisio’s bid and budget optimization, the campaign was able to generate 162 conversion from September 3rd, the start date of the new solution, to October 2nd.  

That’s a 175% increase in conversions in one month for the account using Acquisio's optimization!

WSI Brazil was able to see improvement right away. From the very first day the tool started running conversions picked up and CPA started to stabilize at a much lower rate. 
One month before running Acquisio’s optimization software WSI Brazil’s largest account was paying for conversion at a cost of up to $27.93. Less than a month after implementing the solution, WSI Brazil’s client was able to stabilize CPA at less than $5.00. 
Comparing the CPA from August 3rd to the CPA at the end of the month using the advanced automation, The cost per conversion went from $27.93 down to $3.57, which translates to a decrease in CPA of 87%!

The Results

This solution was ideal for WSI Brazil’s large accounts, but while testing several smaller accounts, Siviero even saw great results on smaller accounts, with ad spend of less than $500 per month. 

“BBM really works, and after seeing the performance we added more accounts and will continue to add even more,” explains Siviero. 

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