Envoke Trusts Acquisio Tech

Meet Envoke

Envoke is an all-in-one marketing automation tool that delivers high-quality leads to business sales teams. Based out of Toronto, Canada, their team of service agents consult on digital strategy, including paid campaigns, for their customers.

Their Challenge

Calvin Schnurr, Manager of Account Services at Envoke, found that client accounts were over or under-spending, eroding trust in Envoke as a whole. Calvin explains:

Mismanaged paid search budgets were creating a trust rift between customers and our services business. If budgets are mismanaged, what else is being mismanaged? We needed to fix this big problem as fast as possible.

The Solution

Attempt #1: Excel

To solve this problem, the Envoke team developed a semi-manual system using excel and Google Spreadsheets to perform mid-month pacing adjustments. This solution didn’t last long as it was time consuming, error prone, and Calvin soon realized was not conducive to scaling his services.

Attempt #2: Adobe Media Optimizer

Next, the team tried to crack ‘budget attainment without overspending’ using Adobe Media Optimizer to manage campaign budgets and bids. However, they did not like the “black box” optimization mechanics of the Adobe solution and were not satisfied with how the tool was demonstrated to them and how it actually worked.

Attempt #3: Acquisio

Eureka! Envoke found a solution in Acquisio’s bid & budget management tool! The suite of machine learning algorithms, known as Acquisio TuringTM, solved Envoke’s problem of precise budget attainment and pacing. They were also impressed to be trained by our customer service experts on how Acquisio Turing works and which best practices to apply.

Envoke’s small PPC team is now running campaigns for over 15 advertisers with monthly PPC budgets ranging from $4k-$60k (average monthly budget of $12k)

Acquisio Turing is a deceptively simple yet powerful BBM solution. It enabled us to get out of the minutia of optimization to focus on high-level strategy and new opportunities.

– Calvin Schnurr, Manager of Account Services

Confidence in Acquisio Turing is a Game Changer

If you ask the Envoke team how Acquisio Turing was a game-changer for their business, they’ll tell you. Prior to Acquisio, their campaign budget updates would involve calculation using both:

  • Spend-to-date
  • The amount of days left in the month to determine the correct budget update

Envoke Success: BBM Budget Pacing

With Acquisio, budget updates were much simpler because they could just input the new value and know that the machine learning would take care of the rest. Their team explained that Acquisio does such a great job of optimizing impression share and managing budgets, that conclusive judgements can be made about campaign performance. Acquisio can clearly show whether an underperforming campaign is connected to a bid or budget issue. Speculation about whether campaigns are losing impression share or going dark early in the day is a thing of the past.

Today the Envoke team can focus their efforts on optimizing other parts of paid campaigns like keywords, creatives and landing pages or even flagging product issues on the client side.

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