Acquisio Trading Desk uses recency data to surpass client’s CPA goals by more than 20 percent!

Acquisio Trading Desk 

The Acquisio Trading Desk (ATD), run by a team of display advertising experts,  uses unique strategies to help advertisers bring down costs, maximize return on investment, and above all, target relevant audiences to generate as many conversions as possible. 

One of the most popular techniques used to get more impressions and clicks for their clients is recency.  

What is Recency

Recency measures the time elapsed since a person visited a website, using cookies. At ATD, the team uses recency data for retargeting.

ATD can segment the life of a cookie and bid on segments of time when audiences are most likely to convert, thereby maximizing clients’ budgets.

Typically the life cycle of a cookie lasts 90 days on a regular website. Acquisio can break down that cookie life cycle into much smaller segments - 12 hours, 10 minutes, 3 days or however long the team sees fit, and increase bid on the segments determined to be the most valuable.

After using recency data to bid on all retargeting campaigns within the ATD platform, the team has never failed to reach a client’s goal. 

The technology used to act on recency data is unique to Acquisio and has been proven to save clients thousands, which can be reinvested to get more ad impressions and clicks.

Campaign Results

When ATD partnered with an online sports apparel retailer to run a campaign in the United States, the client was focused on getting the lowest possible CPA. 

With a goal of $35 per action, using recency, the ATD was able to reduce CPA to $27.91. 

Here are the results of the campaign, followed by a specific breakdown of the effectiveness of recency.

How it Works

As shown in the above graph, the most dominant ad groups were the three “First Bucket” ad groups, which represented the first 12 hours of 3 separate strategies.

The reason behind First Bucket’s success is because it is most relevant and effective to show an ad to someone who just saw your website rather than someone who saw your website 90 days ago, after literally seeing hundreds of other websites in between.

The most recent cookies available will always be the most effective at generating clicks, and therefore conversions, and for the online sports apparel retailer, this was especially true.

ATD is the only DSP with the capability to reduce any ad group to “Buckets”, which correspond to periods of a cookie’s life.

By bidding aggressively within the first 12 hours of a cookie’s life, ATD is able to reduce superfluous costs and increase the effectiveness of its bids.

The ATD team also has the capability to “zero out” buckets, which simply means avoiding any bidding on a later period of time in a cookie’s life when the chance of a conversion is much lower.

For example, reducing bids to 0 after 75 days, when a cookie normally expires after 90 days, means that those 15 days of spend do not go to waste, thereby improving the effectiveness of the campaign.

Using recency as a primary technique, along with other  strategies, helped this online retailer surpass his display advertising goals. Not only is this technology unique to ATD, but the experience and savvy the team possess with recency bidding is where the Acquisio Trading Desk truly excels. 


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