Plug Into APIs, Add-Ons & Data Connectors

Data connectors and APIs let you plug-in ad campaigns and integrate data from almost any source seamlessly.

Integrate with Data Connectors & Add Ons

You’ve got data? We’ve got ways to import it!


Connect Google Analytics

Automatically integrate your Google Analytics (GA) goals and events to Acquisio. Visualize these metrics at the keyword, ad, ad group, campaign or account level.

Goodbye UTM Tags

Never add UTM tags to your PPC campaigns again!

Sync GA Goals

Include GA goal completions as conversions in your reports.

GA Insights

Understand which keywords are driving conversions!

Google Analytics Integration


Connect Call Tracking Providers

Automatically attribute offline calls to PPC campaigns and keywords with call tracking connectors. Get credit for offline call conversions and include call details like answer status, call duration and call recording in client reports. Leverage call conversion insights to optimize campaigns.

Conversion Reporting

Include offline call conversions in client reports alongside other online conversion types.


Integration without having to deploy additional javascript on the website.​

API Integration

Robust integration so you never have to lose time with data feeds again.


Connect Customer Relationship Management

Track offline sales and revenue in a CRM, such as Salesforce so you can truly see the full value of your marketing initiatives. Our automated proprietary encoding links your offline conversions and revenue to the originating keyword. With this data mapped in our platform, you can astonish clients with detailed revenue reports, and also inform your marketing strategy.

Keywords Insights

Gain insight into which keywords and ads drive the most cost effective conversions.​

Customer Results

Map offline conversions with CRM data that demonstrates deeper value.


Conversions and revenue data in one feed without any manual URL encoding.

Connect your CRM like Salesforce with Acquisio


Connect Any Media Type

The Universal Media Loader is an exciting step forward for clients who want to use the Acquisio platform as a reporting tool to provide a 360° view of their media spend initiatives. Now you can upload your own performance reports from other media publishers, such as 2nd tier search engines, or display networks. This media connector extends the functionality of Acquisio delivering stats in rich HTML reports that include publisher data alongside your campaign data.


Combine campaign performance data and spend from any media type.

Unified Reporting

A cross-channel view of marketing campaigns in customer reports.


Data appears in Acquisio as a Publisher just like Facebook, Google or Bing Ads.

Connect all media types

We Integrate With These Partners

Since we’re all about delivering out-of-this-world service and solutions to our customers, we’re pretty picky about who we integrate with. Take a look at our outstanding list of partner integrations below! If you think you’d like to join them, get in touch!

Advertising Platforms
Call Tracking
Inventory Solutions

API Integration with Acquisio

Now you can plug into Acquisio! Integrate Acquisio through a RESTful API that reduces the effort needed to run search and social ad campaigns at scale.


Provisioning API

Create and update Google Ads and Bing Ads accounts. Link and manage existing SEM accounts. Import existing campaigns from search or social. Create Google Ads campaigns and automatically make the same one in Bing.


By automating the creation of your PPC accounts you can improve your turnaround time.


Setup automated data pathways to inform other services when new accounts are created.

Data Availability

Retrieve advertising account data anytime to automate system synchronization.

API Provisioning


Optimization API

Control Google and Bing Ads budgets from your CRM to ensure you’re spending the right money on the right customers. Create and update each account’s budget configuration. Setup bid and budget management plus budget distribution to fully experience AI-powered optimization.

Budget Control

Increase, decrease or stop spend automatically.

Time Saving

Machine learning saves hours of repetitive adjustments.


Update budgets based on signals from internal services.

Optimization API


Launching API

Acquisio’s launching API helps organizations sell and launch SEM campaigns for local SMBs directly from an order fulfillment tool. Input basic information about a business and its services to get back media budget recommendations that allow your sales team to set expectations upfront.

Budget Estimation

Enrich sales calls with package and budget estimates.

Inventory Integration

Create campaigns from order management systems.

Automatic Savings

Cut operational costs with built-in campaign launching.

Launch API


Reporting API

Retrieve search and social campaign performance data to feed your customer dashboard or billing system. You can even use it to reconcile your monthly billing data by reflecting the actual media spend on each advertising platform.

Data Availability

Retrieve campaign results at any time.


Inform clients with real-time campaign performance data.

Data Reconciliation

Reconcile media costs in your billing system.

Reporting API