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At Acquisio, we come to work everyday inspired to help small businesses thrive in today's ever changing digital economy.

We do this by giving small businesses access to the same technology that the big guys use to grow. As the cornerstone of local economies, the small business sector must leverage the most advanced MarTech available and thanks to Acquisio they now have that opportunity.

As a leader in the digital marketing space for the past 10 years, Acquisio initially mastered cross-platform advertising optimization for hundreds of big brand agencies and resellers, managing hundreds of thousands of accounts worldwide. In 2012, the company acquired Science Ops; literally a team of rocket scientists that architected many of the algorithmic data science technologies behind Right Media, App Nexus and AdMeld - arguably three of the most valuable players in Ad tech. With this acquisition, Acquisio immediately began work on solving the difficult math challenge of optimizing small datasets (i.e. small marketing budgets) for our customers' budget control and bid management.

Today, we have over 30 sophisticated algorithms that leverage Acquisio Turing™ machine learning to specifically help local resellers automate, optimize and scale their business on Google AdWords, Facebook Ads and Bing Ads. By the end of 2016, we began undertaking new and significant opportunities with Google, by facilitating large strategic channel partnerships, most notably a national bank and a major online marketplace. These strategic partnerships have allowed channel partners to permeate the SMB market with fully automated customer acquisition services that rely on Google's advertising platform and Acquisio's technology combined.

A senior Google executive has just called this new suite of products "The tech that will make AdWords work for Google's strategic prospects." The next phase of Acquisio is about to unveil... stay tuned for updates about what our machine learning technology can do for you!


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