Improve PPC Performance and Save Time with Acquisio

Supercharge Your Paid Search Campaigns with Actionable Insights

Looking for a way to automate some of the most common tedious and time-consuming tasks associated with cross engine data gathering and analysis? Choose Acquisio.

Acquisio helps you leverage the power of the industry’s leading Performance Media Platform to manage your paid search campaigns by allowing you to efficiently and effectively launch, manage, automate and optimize paid search campaigns across all major search engines.

You’ll save time and improve campaign performance with Acquisio’s intuitive dashboard view, giving you a one-stop access to immediately understand key performance indicators and campaign results.

And with smart automated reporting, standard weekly and monthly reporting times can be slashed by up to 90%.

Ready to get started? Check out how the Acquisio platform’s search-specific features can make your life easier, or request a live demo to see how Acquisio can help you take your PPC management to the next level.

Acquisio: Search Features and Benefits

Take the pain out of reporting! Acquisio’s fully automated reporting process lets you track and report on keyword and creative performance across all major search engines, including Google, Microsoft Ad Center/Yahoo! and Baidu. Acquisio harvests all of the performance data and automatically assembles the report for your review or, you can set it to automatically send reports to your clients, if applicable. With easy-to-understand visual reports, you will be able to immediately understand how your hard work has paid off.

Day-to-day management
Simplify the tedious but necessary tasks associated with tracking, optimizing and reporting on your search campaigns. Acquisio’s KPI tracking lets you set goals and budgets and then automatically adjusts bids and campaigns based on specific events, like reaching a certain cost per cost per conversion or return on ad spend. And our cross-engine bulk editor lets you modify campaigns and creatives across all of your accounts, eliminating the time-consuming need to tweak each account individually.

Free yourself from some of the most frustrating tasks associated with managing online advertising accounts! Acquisio allows you to take a rules-based approach to campaign and bid management. Follow the wizard to set up rules related to cost per click, ad position, drops in quality score, or even changes in costs per conversion, and then tell Acquisio what to do when a particular event occurs. Want Acquisio to send you an alert, pause the campaign, or increase the cost per click by x? No problem–you’re the boss! Set the rules to run on a particular schedule, or time them to run when another event has occurred. Acquisio’s automation takes the headaches out of managing campaigns and lets you focus on real analysis, not just babysitting campaign settings.

Tired of having to dig through a mountain of data to find the nugget of information that you need to take action on? Acquisio makes it easy to identify the keywords and creatives that are your top performers, as well as those that are dragging down your overall ROI. Armed with this knowledge, you can quickly make tweaks to underperforming campaigns and duplicate those that are actively converting.

Why leave data on the table? With Acquisio’s tracking integration, you don’t have to. Acquisio features deep API-level integration with Google Analytics and DART for Advertisers, in addition to integration with third-party web analytics vendors, in addition to tracking display, social media and even telephone calls. This means you get the value of every bit of data without having to create piecemeal workarounds or suffer through tedious import and export processes.

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