It’s So “All That” It Doesn’t Even Need a Bag of Chips

Jump on board the world’s leading PPC Management Software and immediately start maximizing campaign results, saving huge amounts of time, and start running a more profitable business.

Plays Nice with Others
Apart from Acquisio’s integration with all of the major search engines, it has become a hub for 3rd party integrations such as web analytics, 3rd party ad servers, conversion tracking pixels, call tracking technologies, even other forms of auction-based channels such as social, mobile, and display advertising.

This makes Acquisio a platform for tools to connect and produce actionable data and insight for the advertising industry.


Automate monthly reporting image


Make month-end reporting hell a thing of the past when you use Acquisio's powerful reporting tools. Create simple, but powerful, reports in as few as three steps.

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Day-to-Day Management

You need to find ways to increase your efficiency to have more time to deliver value to your business. Acquisio's day-to-day management feature lets you free up the time you need to get the most out of your marketing.

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Automated rules for PPC campaigns image


Easily create rules that will go further than the common keyword bid management tool you are used to. Picture a tool that you can set to automatically pause keywords when they suck, or sends you an email when a keyword’s quality score drops.

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Optimization Image


Intuitively craft the style of campaign you want. With the ability to minimize or maximize one of your campaign metrics, and then choose the maintenance levels of the remaining variables, Acquisios campaign optimizer gives you the opportunity to easily see the predicted effects of your changes.

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Tracking Image


Your marketing efforts extend far and beyond simple paid search. You may be using other tools to help you measure, track and achieve your goals. Whether you’re using ad serving, call tracking or analytics, integrating all your data can give you a clear understanding of your performance and ways to gain better and more actionable insight. This is where search engine reporting tools fall short.

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