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Meet Acquisio’s Competitive Cycling Team


If you’re sitting at your slightly stuffy desk wishing for the cool breeze that whips by your face as you race through the streets on your 10 speed bike, then you’re in luck. The Acquisio team’s passion for cycling reached a whole new level this year with the sponsorship of the Acquisio competitive cycling team. From the mild comfort of your desk, you too can experience the excitement of the Acquisio cycling team.

photo (3)

Robert Duguay, a former bicycle courier turned competitive cyclist, has placed in nearly every competition.

We spoke to Acquisio President, Martin LeSauteur, about his passion for cycling, the team’s success thus far, and his (sort of) role as team water boy.

LeSauteur has been a fan of cycling all his life, venturing across the U.S and Europe for several weeks on his bike on what he called “cyclo-tourism” camping trips. More recently LeSauteur has been into road cycling, and last winter while training he ran into John Malois who coaches a local competitive cycling team. Acquisio’s President then got involved with the team and decided to sponsor the cyclists.

“Not only is the sponsorship a great way to support local amateur sports and my passion for cycling, it is great visibility for Acquisio,” explained LeSauteur.

Look out for the Acquisio brand whizzing across Quebec this season!

Meet the Team


Acquisio’s competitive cycling team consists of more than twenty adult cyclists, from age 19 to 50+. Some of the members on the team are considering a career in cycling and have their sights set on the Olympics or the Tour-de-France. Others have a job and a family and only compete in cycling competitions for fun.

“Regardless of their level, all the cyclists are supportive of one another, even when competing against each other during the races,” said LeSauteur.

The team is run by head coach, John Malois, a former Olympian. Malois has a degree in physical education and, of course lots, of experience racing. Not only does he create the training plans for the team but he also rides with the team in competitions.

The Team’s Success

photo (1)

Team cocah, John Malois, winning first place in St-Martine

“It’s Acquisio’s first year sponsoring a competitive cycling team and we’re already so proud,” said Acquisio’s President.

The team has competed in all the races in the province of Quebec since the beginning of the season, which means an event almost every weekend since spring.

The cyclists has traveled across the province, racing in Saguenay, Charlevoix, St-Agathe, Granby, Gatineau and more. Every Tuesday members of the team participate in “Les Mardis Cyclistes Jean Coutu de Lachine” where they race around the beautiful Lachine canal and calculate performance based on time trials.

In St-Martine, the team coach, John Malois, won first place in the Master’s category for the 94.5 km race. In Charlevoix, seven different team members made the podium in various categories.

“It was a pretty good weekend,” stated LeSauteur casually about their performance in Charlevoix.

photo (6)

 At “la Coupe des Amériques,” held June 27-29, the Acquisio team almost had another first place victory. Zeina Loufti, an Acquisio cyclist, finished second place in the overall classification. She was ahead of the pack by more than a minute thirty seconds, along with another cyclist, Pascale Legrand. Loufti was in first position, following the volunteers marking the path, but unfortunately the volunteers took a wrong turn and unintentionally misled Loufti onto a longer route. Legrand, the cyclist just behind the Acquisio cyclist, knew the course and took the right turn, gaining on Loufti and winning the first place title.

Because of the mix up, Legrand was gracious enough to give Loufti his medal and flowers. The gesture was certainly appreciated.

Acquisio’s Role

“I raced with the team in Charlevoix,” admitted LeSauteur. “I wasn’t last, so I was happy.”

Acquisio’s CEO has been very involved with the team, going to all their competitions and even training and competing with them.

“When I’m not racing I’m the mechanic, team support, and I give them water bottles on the side of the road,” he explained.

photo (5)

LeSauteur has been by the team’s side through ups and downs, sometimes in the same weekend. When team coach, Malois, won his first place medal in St-Martine, two cyclists in another category crashed – one suffering a concussion and the other breaking his shoulder.

It can be dangerous and it can be uncomfortable and unpleasant, but “you still race,” says LeSauteur.

Keep pedaling Martin LeSauteur and the entire hardworking Acquisio cycling team, we’re proud of you. Keep up the great work!

3 Ad Tech Acquisition Trends of 2014 and What They Mean


It’s fun to hear about corporate giants gobbling up the latest and greatest start-ups or businesses to grow their empire, and there’s always a thing or two to learn from the most recent ad tech acquisition trends. This year, in 2014, corporations are doing whatever they can to grow their marketing departments and cloud offerings. Looking at the big name buyers and the companies they bought, here are the three key acquisition trends you should be aware of.

Trend 1 – Audience Data

Earlier this year when computer technology corporation, Oracle, bought data management company, BlueKai, for approximately $400 million, we saw the start of the audience data acquisition trend. Companies like AOL (who purchased Adap.tv for data mining and targeting) and J.D. Power (linking digital ads to car purchases with their newest acquisition, Korrelate) were also looking for ways to manage and match their audience data.

Corporations want to merge their online audience data with their offline data. Why is this worth $400 million for Oracle? Well, for one, BlueKai is one of the largest audience data providers in the world, and by acquiring it Oracle has complete access to its pool of audience data. Plus, using BlueKai, information about every person landing on Oracle’s webpage can be collected. Oracle will have access to potential customers’ interests, socio demographic data and more, and with that info they can retarget more effectively.

There is a limited supply of good quality audience data pools out there and Oracle, AOL, J.D Power and others have already taken a fair few of these management companies off the market.

I’m willing to bet that we will see big Fortune 500 brands buying audience providers as well. Those corporations will have an in house advantage not only from merging their online and offline audience data, but by taking audience data resources away from competitors. Walmart has already gotten in on the action.

Trend 2 – Cross Device Targeting

With the explosion of devices on the market (smartphones, tablets, laptops, etc) cookie tracking isn’t as effective. There is now a growing acquisition trend where corporations are buying up cross device technologies and integrating them into their product offering. MediaMath, the global technology company, for example, bought Tactads to enable cookieless cross device targeting and measurement.

It only makes sense that corporations would want to follow their users across all devices without losing track of data, but this technology is so new and so complicated there are not a lot of players on the field yet. It’s definitely a technological field that will be growing, and big name brands want to get in on this trend now before it’s too mainstream.

Trend 3 – Attribution Offerings

Attribution is the third largest trend we’re seeing in 2014, with big buys coming from Google (purchasing Adometry) AOL (buying Converto) and Ensighten (buying Tagman in attempts to rival Adobe). Not only are corporations anxious to track audiences across devices and merge online and offline data, these big name brands need to know where their conversions are coming from.

Buying up attribution offerings is no big shock, but these big acquisitions mark the beginning of the formation of market leaders. In house attribution offerings are usually weaker, so by big companies buying attribution resources they are paving the way for stronger more accurate attribution models.

What does all this mean? It means more accurate tracking, management and analysis of audience data, and by extension it means stronger more informed ads.

Just as PPC platforms started as a trend, now there are only a few key players dominating the market. Soon we’ll see which vendors can grab the biggest piece of the audience data and attribution pie and we’ll see where that leaves all the little guys.


* The views expressed in this post are those of the contributor and not necessarily those of Acquisio. 

Interactivity Digital Conference – May 15-16, 2013

Learn About Remarketing at Interactivity Digital
Interactivity Digital Logo

The Interactivity Digital conference is just around the corner, and for those of you who will be attending, you won’t want to miss out on this session presented by our co-founder and VP of Business Development Marc Poirier, along with Larry Kim and Cassie Oumedian.

On May 16th, this knowledgeable group will assemble to present “Reeling Customers in with Remarketing.” We all know that remarketing is fast becoming a popular addition to search marketing campaigns, but with it all happening so fast, there may be some things that those who are new to remarketing are missing out on.

Make sure that you’re not missing out on everything that remarketing has to offer and get the lowdown from marketers who are deeply involved in this exciting marketing technology.

In addition, Marc Poirier will be available to answer your questions on remarketing and any other digital marketing questions you might have, as well as to show off the capabilities of Acquisio’s new Bid & Budget Management features – it’s like RTB for search, with results that you will want to see for yourself.

The “Reeling Customers in With Remarketing” session runs from 3:30pm to 4:30pm on May 16th. Don’t miss it!

Demonstrating the Difference: Promoting Your Digital Marketing Agency

Digital Marketing Agencies are facing the same challenge that traditional marketing agencies began to face as far back as 40 years ago: there is more competition, and clients are demanding better results inside of smaller timeframes.

It’s like any other business. Your service may appear to be similar, but unless you can really stand out from your competitors, you might as well pack up and go home. “It’s toasted” isn’t going to be enough to convince someone that your service is better than the competition’s anymore.

And if advertising is still based on one thing, and that thing is happiness, then the way to make your clients happy is to show them how you’re going to make them happy, and the path you’re taking towards helping them achieve monetary enlightenment.

So, how are you going to do that? By demonstrating that you have a deeper knowledge and more powerful insights into Internet marketing than anyone else who does what you do and that your marketing methodology is not only different, but better. Here are some ways that agencies can accomplish that….

Digital Immigrants Helping to Build a Digital Nation

A rather silly obsession has developed in our “digital” world today: that there is some kind of divide between those who are “digital natives,” and those who are not.

Worse, some feel that there is no greater compliment to pay someone than to refer to them as a digital native… and that it’s perfectly acceptable to dismiss “non-natives” as somehow outré.

With the possible exception of Nicolas Sarkozy, that language is no longer acceptable in the real world of building real nations. And a good thing, too….

Announcing the 2012 Acquisio User Summit

If you haven’t already heard, Acquisio is holding its first annual User Summit this summer in Montreal. The event will be happening right in the middle of the excitement of the Montreal International Jazz Festival, and will be two days of intense learning and networking to help you maximize the performance of your accounts and grow your business.

Register now to get in on the early bird rate, and save an additional 50% on the cost of your ticket.

Who Should Come

In additional to the keynotes kicking off each day, we’ve planned  two tracks of sessions & workshops at the 2012 Acquisio User Summit, to be given by experts from across the industry….

Moore’s Law, Golf, and Your Business Tools

In the past 50 years, golf equipment has improved tremendously. Yet despite clubs that hit the ball farther and straighter, despite the explosion of swing coaches, videos, and better training methods, the average score for a round of golf remains at around 100, where it has sat for decades.

Credit: Jeff the Trojan

The average player’s driver is capable of hitting the ball 60-70 yards farther today. Irons are more forgiving, no matter where impact is made on the clubface. Golf balls go farther with no loss of feel or spin.

My favorite advance is GPS. From this, you get the exact distance to the hole, and to the hazards. How has it helped us? Well, it helps some players remember which hole they’re playing after the beer cart has made one too many visits.

Some pros do very well by pushing the equipment rules to their limits. Unknown Matt Every began this year with a putter that resembled a black metal railway tie. Turns out the “Black Swan” putter has some pretty advanced engineering built in: the highest “putter momentum of inertia in putter history,” and a “sweet spot three balls wide”! Every led the Sony Open going into the final round, but fell back a bit, settling for a tie for sixth, and $178,062.50. A bit better than my $62.50 in lifetime golf earnings….

The ClickEquations Blog is Moving

You may or may not have heard, but Acquisio recently acquired ClickEquations. Acquisio is a leading performance media platform for agencies, and helps agency marketers manage, track, optimize, retarget, and report on ad buys across all channels — from search and display to social media.

As a result, the ClickEquations blog will be merged with the Acquisio blog. This means that if you’re subscribed to the ClickEquations blog, you’ll soon start getting updates from the Acquisio blog feed.

The Acquisio blog updates several times a week with tips, insights and strategies to help marketers get the most out of their online campaigns. From PPC and display ad insights to mobile marketing and social media strategies, the Acquisio blog is full of expert advice from both the Acquisio team and a roster of guest bloggers.

So if you’re subscribed to the ClickEquations blog, we look forward to updating you with Acquisio’s great content. And if you’re not already subscribed, we hope you’ll consider adding the Acquisio blog feed to your favorite RSS reader.

Acquisio Introduces Diarmid Thomson as New Vice President of Sales

Creators of Award-Winning Performance Media Platform Hire Microsoft Vet to Lead Sales Team

Montreal, Canada–January 18, 2012–As part of the company’s continued international growth, performance media platform Acquisio announced today that it has appointed Diarmid Thomson as the company’s new Vice President of Sales. As VP of Sales, Thomson will be responsible for structuring and managing the global sales organization across all regions.  He will also oversee all strategic agency relationships, and will focus on growing the company’s sales team by setting the tone for the sales culture throughout the organization.

Thomson brings 15 years of sales and sales management experience to Acquisio. Prior to joining Acquisio, Thomson spent 6 and a half years at Microsoft, most recently, serving as a Director and member of the Global Accounts and Agencies leadership team within Microsoft Advertising. In this capacity Thomson was responsible for developing and growing Microsoft’s search and display business at InterPublic Group and previously at Publicis Groupe worldwide.  Prior to Microsoft Advertising, Thomson held other sales and account management positions within Microsoft.

“We’re extremely excited to have Diarmid join our team,” said Marc Poirier, co-founder and CMO of Acquisio.  “His background, his approach, and his attitude are a perfect fit for Acquisio. Diarmid is known as a highly experienced sales leader who has cultivated powerful relationships throughout the agency environment. We look forward to growing Acquisio’s business with Diarmid leading our organization’s sales efforts and sales culture.”

Thomson is similarly excited about joining the company that makes the leading performance media platform for agencies.  “Over the past two and half years of working and partnering with some of the industry’s top agencies, one thing became clear: agencies would benefit from a single platform that could consolidate all client data, and would also allow for real-time optimization of their clients’ digital media spend,” Thomson noted. “And Acquisio provides the solution. I’m delighted to join the Acquisio team and to lead sales efforts for its platform, which is the only one in this growing market that truly meets agency’s needs.”

The leading performance media platform for agencies, Acquisio helps agency marketers buy, track, manage, optimize, retarget, and report on media across all channels—including search, display, and social media.

Acquisio provides the industry-leading technology for agencies buying ads on any online channel, allowing them to handle all tasks associated with performance advertising, from ad purchase through conversion tracking and beyond, within a single integrated platform. Unlike other solutions, Acquisio hosts its own third-party ad server and employs a single tracking functionality across channels, allowing agency marketers unparalleled conversion and revenue attribution modeling and reporting capabilities.

With more than 4,000 users and 9,500 brands under its management, Acquisio is the multi-channel marketing solution preferred by the world’s leading advertising, marketing, and SEM agencies. Agency clients include large agency holdings such as WPP, Omnicom, IPG and Publicis; as well as some of the world’s most recognized performance media companies such as Amaze, Bertelsmann, Cossette, DAC Group, Guava, iProspect, Isobar, Media Experts, NetBooster, PhD, and Yellow Pages Group.
Acquisio was recently named the 46th fastest growing company in the 2011 Deloitte North American Technology Fast 500 and the 9th fastest growing technology in Canada in the Deloitte Technology Fast 50. The company is based in Montreal, Quebec with offices in Seattle and London. For more information, visit www.acquisio.com.


Bref. Je travaille chez Touché! PHD (en français!)

Bref. Je travaille chez Touché! PHD – YouTube.

This made me laugh – featuring our infamous t-shirt, our friends at Touche! PHD in Montreal put together this brilliant video illustrating a day in the life of a media planner at PHD. Yes, they speak French… désolé! :-)