We’re not waiting for the future of SEM, we’re building it


How it all got started

Acquisio began as an agency in 2003 servicing the paid search needs of advertisers around the world. Quickly, we realized that managing digital marketing campaigns efficiently and at scale was not aligned with the rate or pace of change in the industry, so we built the Acquisio Search product and became a leader in SaaS marketing technology. 

As advertising platforms across Search, Social and Display grew, another challenge emerged: Speed. Managing, optimizing and adjusting campaign bids and budgets is too much for the average company. It certainly is for our larger directory and agency clients like Yellow Pages, Sensis, and Cox Media Group. 

Leading the way

The future of the industry now lies in machine-learning and data science. Acquisio invests heavily in advanced machine learning to help our clients manage hundreds of thousands of campaigns while delivering massive improvements in their results - no matter how big the budget or how small the market. At Acquisio we’re not waiting for the future of SEM, we’re building it.


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We are quickly growing with offices around the world




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