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What’s more, Acquisio even helps you steer. Offered as both Software as a Service (SaaS) and Platform as a Service (PaaS), our turbo-powered platform enables you to track, manage and optimize vast volumes of search campaigns and accounts, as well as report on media across all channels.

And if you think that sounds like it will make managing your digital campaigns more efficient and effective, you’re right on track.

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This isn’t just any SEM management tool. Our industry-leading performance media platform displays near-real-time results, allowing you to efficiently launch, manage, automate and optimize all paid search campaigns across all major search engines.

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You’re ready to take on the media world. With 15 advertiser accounts, this self-serve package is ideal for professionals needing a platform to track, manage, optimize and report on search and Facebook campaigns.


Get ready for media world domination. With up to 1,500 advertiser accounts this solution is designed for highly customizable pricing based on your campaign management and cross-channel data integration need.


This solution is built with massive media campaigns in mind. With unlimited advertising accounts, this package is ideal for enterprises with custom needs including PaaS, and with a large volume of campaigns and accounts to manage.

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