Digital Marketing Solutions for Automotive Agencies

Target in-market consumers at buyer journey micro-moments & maximize OEM funded advertising

Get 3.8x Better Conversion Rates with Our Machine Learning

CPC without ML $2.07, with ML $2.74 | CPA without ML $47.91, with ML 15.75 | Conversaion Rate without ML 4.41%, with ML 16.77%

Inside Acquisio for Automotive

Campaign Manager Productivity

Manage campaigns for multiple dealers, across multiple ad platforms – all in one software

  • Identify accounts that need attention with centralized multi-dealer dashboard
  • Cross-publisher workflow automation
  • Pre-schedule monthly reports with the metrics that matter most – like conversions and calls

Bid and Budget Management

Auto-optimize PPC bids and budgets across Google Ads and Microso Advertising

  • Capture emerging opportunities in auction with AI-powered bid management algorithms
  • Distribute budgets to the best performing campaigns
  • Pace and spend budget while optimizing performance

Market Expansion

Offer Facebook Ads and programmatic display advertising with Acquisio Social and Acquisio Trading Desk

  • Launch and manage Facebook Ad campaigns using simple workflows and auto-optimization algorithms
  • Deliver high-performance display advertising campaigns with white-label campaign management
  • Tap into lucrative display advertising opportunity with Acquisio Trading Desk

Dynamic Inventory Advertising

Set it and forget it – keep ads current for all new and used vehicles on-the-lot

  • Ensure key product details like price, discounts and number of cars are up to date
  • Send people to the right SRP or VDP page and show them the vehicle they’re looking for
  • Automatically create new ads as vehicles come in and pause ads for out-of-stock vehicles

What This Means For You

Better Advertising ROI

Efficient Campaign Management

Agency Scalability

Acquisio is used by high profile marketing agencies serving thousands of auto dealers throughout North America

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