This FREE webinar will be valuable to you if:
  • You’re just getting started with pay per click (PPC) advertising
  • You’re already advertising but you want to improve your results

During the webinar, Acquisio’s Beth Thouin will give you access to PPC benchmarks by industry, based on data from more than 30,000 advertiser accounts!

For example, have you ever wondered how your click through rate (CTR) compared to your competitors? Find out how your PPC performance stacks up!

When you attend, you’ll discover:
  • Why it’s critical to compare benchmarks for your particular industry
  • Average cost per click (CPC), cost per action (CPA), and conversion rates for various industries
  • Benchmarks for Search as well as Display advertising
  • Comparison of benchmarks for manual vs. machine-learning campaigns
  • What data shows about the best times to advertise
  • And more…

And Beth will be sharing benchmarks from dozens of industries, including: Auto, B2B, Consumer Services, Dating & Personals, E-Commerce, Education, Employment Services, Finance & Insurance, Health & Medical, Home Goods, Industrial Services, Legal, Real Estate, Technology, and Travel & Hospitality.… so no matter what business you’re in, this presentation will be relevant to you!

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Your Webinar Host

Beth Thouin

Beth Thouin

VP Marketing, Acquisio

Beth has been an industry leader in online acquisition for startups and entrepreneurs for more than a decade. As VP Marketing at Acquisio, she is helping shape the future for small business success for Acquisio reseller and agency clients.