Philly Search Engine Marketing Clients Winning with Acquisio’s Machine Learning

Meet Philly Search Engine Marketing

Philly Search Engine Marketing is a full-scale, search engine optimization (SEO) agency based out of Medford, New Jersey.  Led by expert online marketing consultant Gary Steel, Philly Search specializes in a broad range of services from SEO and PPC, to social media marketing and even automation solutions. Clients from higher education, healthcare, B2B and B2C, with all sizes of budget, can be found inside the agency’s portfolio.

The Challenge

Prior to coming to Acquisio back in 2011, Philly Search had a few challenges they needed to tackle. First and foremost, Steel wanted more leads from PPC campaigns. Related to that, spending less time on managing bids, budgets and reports was also top of mind for Philly Search.

Steel also identified challenges around optimizing paid social media campaigns efficiently. His previous method of managing social campaigns was too time consuming given the amount of ad variations he was creating for his clients.

The Solution

As one of Acquisio’s longest-standing clients, Philly Search has tackled all of their marketing challenges with enthusiasm. Steel explains how his agency found a one-two-three punch with Acquisio, from budget management to social media campaign optimization.

Gary uses Acquisio’s machine learning technology, a suite of algorithms known as Acquisio TuringTM, to confidently handle his bid and budget management. This intelligent and automatic solution saves Steel a ton of time. He says that Acquisio Turing does all the heavy-lifting so he can focus on keywords, ads and other elements of campaign management, while never over-spending.

He also relies on the social media campaign launching features and built-in social optimization tools. These help the agency fast track Facebook and Instagram ad campaigns for clients. Similarly, using the Acquisio platform reporting features, Steel has more time and can take on more clients. Gary serves 10+ advertisers at any given time with PPC budgets ranging from $1500-$25k single-handedly.

Agencies don’t stay with tools for almost a decade and counting unless they get really great results using them. This is exactly the case with Philly Search Engine Marketing and Acquisio. They’ve tackled former challenges and consistently achieved outstanding performance results for their clients using the Acquisio platform:

  • Up to 20% improvement in clicks
  • At least 20% decrease in CPC
  • 10x increase in conversions using Acquisio Social

Case Study: Adult Education Campaign

To demonstrate some of the convincing client results Steel gets for his clients, we looked at an example from the adult/continuing education sector. Steel put the institution’s campaign on Acquisio’s bid and budget machine learning in May 1, 2018. Below we compare the year-over-year (YoY) performance for this client, in a 30-day window, to show the impact of Acquisio Turing:

YoY Client Performance Results (Before Acquisio Turing)
(May 1, 2017 – August 31, 2017)

Philly Success: X-Graph Before BBM

YoY Client Performance Results (After Acquisio Turing)
(May 1, 2018 – August 31, 2018)

Philly Success: X-Graph After BBM

The orange line plots the campaign clicks while the green line shows the Avg. CPC. In 2017 there was a lot of fluctuation with these metrics seen above. In 2018 after the machine learning algorithms were applied, the data shows the perfect x-graph of orange clicks increasing over time, while Avg. CPC costs are decreasing. Steel describes this phenomenon in his own words:

“You can see as Acquisio Turing was ‘learning’ the campaigns. The CPC performance improved incrementally through June/July until now as the AI programming took hold. When you compare the performance to the previous year (allowing for different methods of media mix between display and search over that time) there is a clear CPC drop – much of it is attributable to Acquisio.”

– Gary Steel, Founder

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