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The best value statements are backed by reliable data. And that’s not just coming from our in-house data nerds – we take it to heart across our team.

With that in mind, you might have noticed that we’re a little bit data-obsessed here at Acquisio. Last year we launched our performance report, then our industry benchmarks that analyzed data from 50,000 campaigns, most recently we launched our automated bidding ebook, and now we’re gearing up to release some exciting industry-specific data (stay tuned!).

So when we humblebrag about our customers’ incredible results, this is the data-backed stuff we’re talking about:

Meet Mittcom

The team at Mittcom comes together from different backgrounds and for different reasons. What we seem to have in common is we hate losing. And we’re driven to come up with ways to help our partners win.

Mittcom, a leading full-service ad agency based out of Boston, prides themselves on “..doing whatever it takes to grow business month after month, year after year.” Their super powers include media fracking, strategic competitiveness, creative accountability, brand development, digital integration, and automotive service.

Mittcom team

The Mittcom team

The Mittcom staff take an approach tied to results and sales, having come from large digital agencies in the past. They meticulously research each particular client’s challenges so they can recommend the right mix of omni-channel advertising solutions for them.

The Backstory

Each year Mittcom buys up millions of dollars worth of digital and traditional media on behalf of their diverse client base. In their hunt for the perfect partnership, they considered and assessed 8 to 10 other agency PPC platforms, looking for things like “POS-level information” so they can know exactly what ads are converting.

Everyone knows testing that many platforms is no small feat! After giving the other guys a test drive, Mittcom decided that Acquisio would be the best partner to ensure the success of their large client mandates.

It’s been just over a year since Mittcom started working with Acquisio, and what a year it has been (more on that later)!

Their Challenge

Before Mittcom began managing PPC with Acquisio, they had a structure in place to manage PPC manually, mostly inside Google Ads (formerly AdWords). During that time, they faced the challenge of having to make account changes and bid adjustments by hand.

That was sustainable until their clients began asking for more and more digital advertising services. Manual campaign management began taking a lot more time – too much time. Mittcom realized they needed a platform to help manage their growing digital services.

The Solution

That’s where we come in. After careful consideration, Mittcom chose Acquisio as their PPC platform partner to manage many different clients.

Andrew Thorp, the Digital Account Manager at Mittcom, says he now uses Acquisio to manage 16 accounts himself. He saves time making account changes and has had great results leaving bid adjustments up to our machine learning technology. With all the time he’s saving, Andrew is now able to onboard new clients quicker.

If you ask Mittcom what they like most about our PPC platform, they’ll tell you that our hands-free bid and budget management is at the top of their list. They love that they can set max CPC constraints and max bid adjustments, while trusting the smart technology to get results on both desktop and mobile devices. With our machine learning technology, their “life is 10,000 times easier, and gives clients the best bang for their buck.”

The Mittcom team loves opening up Acquisio every morning and assessing which campaigns are “in the red” in an instant, and the time-lapse data and other components available with our reporting tool are some of their most loved features.

The Results

It’s clear that Mittcom solved the problem of having too many cross-channel PPC accounts and not enough time to manage them, but the real question is did they improve performance?

In the first three months on the Acquisio platform, Mittcom drastically reduced their CPCs. Comparing the three months before they started using Acquisio bid & budget management with the three months after, Mittcom achieved the following results:

Mittcom Success: The Result

In fact, their experience with Acquisio has been so great that Andrew recently left this review about us on G2 Crowd:

Acquisio helps us manage all of our digital media. It guarantees that we are able to give our clients the lowest costs per clicks. This helps maximize conversions and reduce any waste. We realized how powerful Acquisio was when the first question from almost every client we onboard is: how are you able to get such low costs per clicks?

Outstanding Mittcom Client Results

Since they started using Acquisio, Mittcom has seen performance improvements as an agency and the benefits have trickled down to their diverse portfolio of clients (from regional automotive dealer groups, to jewelry and even hotels). Mittcom has even run successful campaigns in Mandarin!

No matter what the challenge is, Mittcom and their talented staff are up for it. They rely on our technology to make sure that they deliver on their promise to clients month after month.

Spotlight on Bertera Chrysler: With Acquisio bid & budget algorithms engaged, campaigns for this auto dealer increased clicks by 200% while decreasing Avg CPC by 66%:

Mittcom Success: X-Graph Bertera Chrysler

Spotlight on Spectra: With Acquisio bid & budget algorithms engaged, Spectra campaigns increased clicks by 425% while decreasing Avg CPC by 79%:

Mittcom Success: X-Graph Spectra

Our Next Success Story

The best part of our job is watching clients like Mittcom find success with our platform and the power of our machine learning algorithms. Who knows, maybe your agency will be our next success story!

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