Acquisio helps Ambergreen decrease clients CPA by 84%, improve conversion by 63% and cut overall reporting time by up to 75%!

Ambergreen is a forward-thinking, full-service digital marketing agency offering exciting, innovative and bespoke solutions to help drive businesses forward. Ambergreen was founded in 2001 and has provided clients in various verticals with advertising solutions to hit their business goals. We use a variety of award winning marketing solutions from organic search, biddable media, social, content strategies & other digital solutions that help them meet their clients’ needs.

The Challenge

With the expanding variety of paid media channels and the increased time spent in bid management and reporting, Ambergreen had set out to find a solution that fits their company profile. 

Being an innovative agency, the objective was to find a solution that would contribute to the efficiency of the company and provide increased value for clients by automating time-consuming tasks so Account Managers and Analysts have more time for implementing higher level paid media strategies. 

Running Acquisio’s bid management has allowed Ambergreen to save 40% of time spent on campaign management.

The Solution

Using Acquisio, the innovative agency saw improvements in campaign performance and saved time reporting. 

Acquisio’s easy to use platform allowed Ambergreen to focus on delivering client results, without having to worry about adapting to the new platform.

Rule Based Bidding

Bid management can be a laborious task with 1000s of keywords all performing at a different rate. That’s why the implementation of solid bid management rules were an important aspect for Ambergreen in order to provide the best results for their clients. 

“The implementation of Acquisio’s bid management software has been an internal change in our approach to campaigns. By creating free form rules, making use of incremental bid strategies, we have seen great results for our clients and by extension our team,” said Grant Whiteside, Technical Director at Ambergreen.

The Results

In one instance, an Ambergreen client asked the agency to increase the number of holiday enquiries and brochure requests. In response, Ambergreen implemented a rule based strategy to bring down the cost per acquisition allowing them to target more customers.

The graph on the following page shows the decline in CPA for this account from the beginning of the campaign’s creation in June 2012 to December 2013.

Three months after the main spike in CPA bid management rules were introduced to control, and improve, the CPA. Having the rules running has meant that 40% less time was spent managing this campaign.

Comparing June to December 2012, when no rules were running,  against June to December 2013 (when the rules were running) it is clear that Acquisio’s optimzation allowed Ambergreen to keep this CPA 83.55% lower than the previous year. 

Lowering CPA to a steady level allowed Ambergreen to improve volume of conversions by 63.38% over the same period. Here the relationship between the number of conversions and the cost is compared. 

On top of this, like for like ad spend was also greatly reduced, by 73%. Meaning Ambergreen delivered even better results and was able to expand client campaigns to get additional coverage with the available budget. 

Hence, the overall return on ad spend for Ambergreen’s client has increased significantly. 

Across the board, Acquisio’s software has allowed Ambergreen to target more customers, increase conversions, and allow clients to maximize budgets, target more customers and thereby increasing their revenue.

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