From audiences and privacy concerns to human interaction over machine learning, our predictions have everything paid media marketers need to know. 

This eBook is going to make you look in-the-know about AI and machine learning and how these hot topics apply to marketing. Understand the data science behind machine learning and how marketers are harvesting this science to solve complex problems. Learn the challenges, the benefits and the risks around machine learning technology.

We’re not gonna lie, this is an in-depth read that you’ll want to take home and sink your teeth into. By the end of the book you’ll understand:
  • How machine learning gives marketers an advantage
  • The theory behind the emerging fields of data science
  • How machine learning martech can help marketers increase margins, scale and grow their companies with increased efficiency
  • Which key martech providers are using AI technology
  • What controversial aspects surround our adoption of AI technologies
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