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Want to streamline work processes, centralize workflows and improve productivity? Who doesn’t! With Acquisio’s latest feature, mobile bid adjustment for bulk edit, we now let you bundle all your mobile bid changes from many ad groups and campaigns all at once and then apply those bulk changes across AdWords and publishers.

Talk about making your agency life easier!

Problem solved

Calculating mobile bid adjustments were a pain in the neck. If you knew what you want your CPC to be, but you weren’t sure how to set your bid in order to hit that mark, you could easily end up mistakenly setting the mobile bid adjustment too high or too low.

If you want to apply these mobile bid adjustments to similar campaigns across different ad groups, that was an even bigger pain in the neck.

Thanks to Acquisio’s latest update, there are no more timely calculations required to modify and update mobile bids.

Now, not only is the mobile bid adjustment calculated for you in the Acquisio platform once you decide by what factor or percent you want the bid to change, the process is easy to use and you can apply those changes to as many campaigns as you want with bulk edit. Plus, with AdWords Bid modifiers in the Acquisio bulk edit tool, you can now manage this important functionality at scale.

You can easily make bundle Mobile bid change for many Ad Groups and Campaigns at once.

How it Works

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At both the campaign and ad group levels, you can now bulk edit your mobile bid adjustments for Google AdWords and other publishers. Simply select the campaigns or ad groups and then click Bulk Edit and choose Mobile Bid Adjustment (MBA) from the list of options.

At that point you have three options for bulk editing:

  1. Set the Mobile Bid Adjustment to an entered value
  2. Change the Mobile Bid Adjustment by adding or subtracting by an entered value
  3. Change the Mobile Bid Adjustment so that effective bids change by a factor of your choice

The last option is unique to Acquisio, and it’s where the magic happens. Instead of trying to think about how you need to change your Mobile Bid Adjustment in order to achieve a specific bid, we do the leg work for you. This option saves you from making tedious calculations; all you have to know is by what factor you want your bids to change by.

Sounds confusing, but to make things crystal clear, here’s a handy video walking you through the new feature. Enjoy!

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Jillian Zacchia

Jillian Zacchia

Jill is a professional writer, editor and social media procrastinator. With a degree in Literature and Communications from McGill, she started her journalism career writing about lifestyle and entertainment for teen magazines, and after dabbling with wedding and travel writing she began the transition towards content creation for start ups, marketing and tech companies.

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