5 Features That Make the February Release Awesome

We’ve been working hard to give you some amazing new features in the New Acquisio. When you ask for features, we add them, and you’ll find that we’ve been listening. There’s a lot to get to, so let’s find out what’s new and amazing in our February release.

KPI Extravaganza!

Where do I start?! KPIs have gone thru one heck of a revamp!
KPIs have been Bucket-ized – meaning that they are now groups (or buckets) of items that you want to track.

You can create KPIs at the following levels:
Account (your existing KPIs have been migrated here)

Publisher and Campaign level KPIs can be Monthly, Weekly or One-time ( N number of days). We have increased the number of metrics available from 13 to pretty much ALL metrics.

You can view your Account level KPIs from the Client Center and from there you can filter and sort on KPI performance.

All KPI buckets for an Account can be viewed on the KPI Dashboard. Clicking on a bucket will open the Workbench and create a filter with the Scope of Campaigns in that KPI Bucket.

Report Scheduler

We know you love the V2 Reports – now is the time to share them with your clients – automatically! Schedule them Monthly, Weekly or Daily – you know you want to!

Agency Extranet

V2 reports can now be posted to the Extranet. Users with Extranet access will notice an updated UI – but functionality remains essentially the same. They will be able to view both V1 and V2 reports from the Extranet.

Additionally, there is now an archive of V2 reports, so they can look at last month’s performance if they want to.

Components, Components, Components

With this release, we are introducing 10 new report components to the New Acquisio – including 5 that are brand spanking new.

  1. Pivot tables
  2. KPI component
  3. Bar graph
  4. Executive summary
  5. Pie Chart by Entity (Campaign, Ad Group, Keyword, etc)
  6. Line Chart by Entity (Campaign, Ad Group, Keyword, etc)
  7. Call Summary
  8. Consolidated Ad Groups Group
  9. Campaign by Campaign Group grid
  10. Segment device

Save to PDF

We thought that we might be able to convince you to move away from this one, but you asked for it — adamantly, I might add — so we gave it to you.

Back in all its Adobe-Reader-compatible glory, reports can now be exported to PDF and forever saved on your Desktop for posterity’s sake.

We’re working on a lot more for you, so make sure to stay tuned for further releases.



Alex is Product Manager of the New Acquisio. He defines the future of the digital marketing platform and makes sure Acquisio continues to provide the best bid management solution available. Alex has a peculiar knack for intuitive, clean and straightforward User Experience, but is not particularly adept at writing bios in the third person.

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