Is Right Media Shooting Themselves in the Foot?

Sometimes I read a news item and ask myself whether the company making the announcement is making a brilliant move or a huge mistake. The road to business success is paved with risks of all types, so you really never know until the results come in.

This morning I had one of those moments when I saw that ad exchange Right Media has reportedly decided to take a step back and require that everyone buying inventory through a DSP must now have their own seat on the exchange.

Of course, obtaining a seat is no easy task and only a select few advertisers can achieve the minimum requirements to take part in the exchange. Today, advertisers can benefit from DSP’s seats which gives them access to all inventory.

While the entire industry is moving in the direction of making inventory more readily available to all advertisers, Right Media, who admittedly control a significant portion of RTB inventory, has apparently decided to go the other way and try to hold on to what’s left of the direct sales approach with large advertisers, rather than open up inventory to all buyers. Only time will tell whether this was a flash of genius on their part, considering how important they are and how much inventory they control. I’ll be very curious to see how this plays out and whether this rumor is based in reality.


Yahoo! Begins Requiring Right Media Seats for Demand-Side Platform’s Advertisers.



Marc Poirier is an SEM expert, a thought leader, and a devoted dad (to twins!) He’s a frequent speaker at industry events, like SMX and Ad:Tech, and contributes bylines to top marketing publications including Advertising Age, AdWeek and more. While a mainstay in the SEM world he is still has a soft spot for one of his first loves, cognitive science and still taps into what he learned while completing his PhD at Université de Montréal. If you’re looking for him on the weekends, he’s most likely gone fishing.

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