Free Independent Research: “The New Paid Search Automation Landscape”

Forrester Research Inc. released their latest coverage of paid search platforms, “The New Paid Search Automation Landscape” February 22, 2011.  ClickEquations was one of eleven enterprise vendors profiled in the research. ”The paid search automation landscape has grown to include more vendors that provide enterprise-level bid optimization, campaign management, and reporting. And automation can help marketers control their keyword programs directly while also cutting costs and saving time,” says Forrester Research. Forrester Research’s report was based on interviews with vendors and end customers. The report covers:

  • How Tools Support Bid and Campaign Management
  • Why Use a Paid Search Automation Partner?
  • The Paid Search Automation Technology Landscape
  • Recommendations for who should buy paid search automation technology

Forrester Research’s Paid Search Automation Technology Landscape includes a list of all companies, revenues, customer base, estimated revenues and who the company is best for. The landscape highlighted ClickEquations’ “guidance to prioritize the most important tasks” as a key differentiator and noted that “ClickEquations helps marketers stay on top of their programs by alerting them when campaign conditions change and they should take action.” The full report can be downloaded for free here.

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