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2016 The Year of Machine Learning: Webinar

December is stressful. There’s shopping, over eating, over drinking, (so far it doesn’t sound so bad…) on top of year end reviews, meeting annual goals and project planning for the year ahead. With all this on your plate, sometimes you just wish you had a bit more time on your hands.

If you’re short on time and high on stress, we have a webinar for you! Focusing on the rise of machine learning, and how algorithms and machines can alleviate the stress we face with so many day to day measures relating to search marketing campaigns, Acquisio’s Chief Scientist (and overall brilliant guy) will go over how you can lighten your load, and actually improve campaign performance in 2016.

If this sounds like your cup of tea, find out a bit more about the webinar and sign up below!

About The Webinar

Think you know everything about PPC? We hosted an exclusive webinar to encourage you to think about PPC as you never have before. Bryan Minor, Acquisio’s Chief Scientist dives into the power of machine learning , while going over game changing statistics from the digital marketing industry.

When you watch this webinar, you will learn:

  • How to improve campaign performance, getting more clicks and conversions
  • How to reach valuable new audiences
  • How to make your budget last the entire day without over spending
  • Why machine learning can outperform humans everytime

About the Host

Bryan Minor
Chief Scientist, Acquisio
Bryan Minor is acquisio’s Internet advertising algorithm expert. With a PhD in Physics, he is the founder of ScienceOps for algorithm development and is credited with developing Acquisio’s BBM system. He worked with DARPA (Defense Advanced Research Project Agency) on space physics nuclear threat mitigation and with leading flight biotech firms before focusing on Internet advertising optimization.

  Watch the webinar now!

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Jillian Zacchia

Jillian Zacchia

Jill is a professional writer, editor and social media procrastinator. With a degree in Literature and Communications from McGill, she started her journalism career writing about lifestyle and entertainment for teen magazines, and after dabbling with wedding and travel writing she began the transition towards content creation for start ups, marketing and tech companies.

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