Shorten your Work Week with Acquisio’s PPC Task Checklist – Part 2

In my last blog post, Shorten your Work Week with Acquisio’s PPC Task Checklist, I started my checklist to help you gain more time. To continue the checklist, here are the bi-weekly and monthly PPC tasks.

Bi-Weekly PPC Tasks

Add Negative Keywords

To reduce wasteful clicks and improve CTR, identify irrelevant search terms and add them as negative keywords to your campaigns. With the Acquisio Tracker, you can view the search queries from the Workbench and immediately add them as negatives to your campaigns.

ppc checklist

Add New Keywords

To extend your reach and account for new searches, find new search terms. Again, with the Acquisio Tracker, you can review the actual search terms used and add them as new keywords to your ad groups. You may also consider experimenting with different keyword match types.

ppc checklist

Review Ads

Just as you would test your keyword lists, try testing new ads. Avoid ad fatigue with a new headline or a different call to action. You can even try dynamic keyword insertion. Do a search and see what your competition is doing! Keep it fresh and make sure you stand out against your competitors.

From the Workbench, you can use the filters and bulk-edit to do a find and replace. You want to make sure that you’re always testing at least two ads per ad group at all times. Use the campaign tree in the Workbench and click through each ad group to ensure that you do indeed have at least two ads running.

Monthly Tasks

Check Campaign Settings

With all of the changes you make in an account, you should take the time to review all of the settings of each campaign regularly to make sure they are correct. It may seem unnecessary but you’d be surprised at the number of times that the locations, languages, networks, or devices targeting were erroneously set. It’s a quick task and it can be very beneficial if you ever find any mistakes.

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Review Landing Pages

Driving traffic to your website is just the first step to achieving your marketing goals. You still need the conversion and the landing page plays a big part in whether your user bounces or converts.

Review your landing pages to see which ones are converting, use them as examples and try different variations. To find and replace destination URLs, apply a filter in the Workbench to identify the destination URLs that contain the old URL and then bulk-edit to change to the new landing page’s destination URL.

ppc checklist

Review Monthly Reports

With Acquisio’s report module, as long as you’re using a dynamic date range like “last month”, then your reports are pretty much self-sufficient. If you included custom components like a section for comments/analysis, then you should review and update before sending the report out.

ppc checklist

Update KPIs

As budgets and targets are updated from month to month, follow through and adjust your targets in the KPI Dashboard. Start each month fresh with new targets so you don’t skip a beat. With the multitude of columns/metrics we have in the Acquisio platform, you may also want to consider adding new metrics to your view. As your client’s PPC palate becomes more sophisticated, give them a taste of other interesting KPIs.

More to Come…

Of course this is not an exhaustive list. It’s still important to look at quarterly and semi-annual PPC tasks to keep the engine running smoothly. Check in for the final steps in Acquisio’s PPC Checklist, and download the interactive ebook!


Superstar marketer and trainer extraordinaire, Jeannie Wong hails from Calgary, the Stampede City. With a technical framework in MIS and a creative background in Graphic Design, Jeannie enjoys new challenges and pushing the boundaries. She joined Acquisio in the summer of 2007 onboarding and supporting new clients. Through this work, she gained the knowledge and experience to successfully transition into her current role as a Professional Trainer. Aside from hosting live training webinars, Jeannie also writes many of the user guides and other training documents at Acquisio.

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