New Acquisio T-Shirts – Get Yours While They’re Hot!

Hot off the press – literally, these shots are from the t-shirt production company Carbon60 Design – are the new Acquisio tees. The theme for this year is “I REPORT TO NO ONE”. If you plan to attend any of the SES or SMX shows, or even Ad:Tech, we’ll be there and always have some t-shirts with us. Do we plan on retiring the classic “I HATE DOING THIS SHIT” tees? Not yet, but we probably will take them out of circulation soon enough. Let us know what you think in the comments below. —- UPDATE: Just received the shirts, staff is running amock telling their superiors they report to no one and generally acting as if these were actually had no boss.

front of a t-shirt
back of a t-shirt
a small group of programmers in attack mode


Acquisio Admin

Acquisio Admin

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