Live Blog – Acquisio User Summit Global Session & Keynote

[liveblog]It’s been a long road, and we’re incredibly excited to be here at the first ever Acquisio User Summit! Everyone is gathered here at the Hyatt Regency in the heart of beautiful downtown Montreal. Martin LeSateur has just taken the stage and we’ll be live blogging the first global session and the keynote speech with Mitch Joel!

[liveblog] Marc Poirier has taken the stage and is outlining the current online media landscape, getting ready to reveal some new Acquisio features.

[liveblog] New feature! Acquisio Links! Import a lot more data from all kinds of media, and tracking channels, including LinkedIn, The Trade Desk, Turn, DoubleClick, webtrends, and many more!

[liveblog] Lots of great new connections available through Acquisio. Bionic Click connection available now for importing your call tracking stats.

[liveblog] Introducing the Acquisio Trading Desk!  A great new full-service display advertising service. We can take you through every step of display advertising with our experienced media buyers.

[liveblog] Because of our partnership with Rocketer, we’re making it easier for you to create large-scale Facebook advertising campaigns, and we’re giving you the tools to succeed through this powerful channel.

[liveblog] Another great new feature – introducing Acquisio Algorithms! For those at the Summit, we have a session on how to get started.

[liveblog] A great way to kick off the Summit! A quick break and we’ll be back with Mitch Joel and the keynote address!

[liveblog] Mitch Joel has just taken the stage. Kicking off the User Summit in style.

[liveblog] We’re going to hear about the five movements that are important to agencies connecting with brands in the future. Real dramatic changes coming up in the future of marketing.

State of uncertainty in the marketing world right now. How will agencies make the transition?

[liveblog] Agencies are in a position to proactively make the changes they want to see.  Although there is a long way to go, we should be looking at the glass as half full.

#1 Direct relationships. We have an opportunity to have direct relationships with consumers at this point, and it’s a HUGE deal. A great opportunity for marketers.

[liveblog] All brands are asking consumers to do more than they ever have before. In order to ask them to do that, brands have to provide value in that relationship.

[liveblog] With tools like KickStarter, the process of ideation to market is faster than ever before, with IMMEDIATE market research available to new business owners. If you have an idea, you get to see if it’s going to work or not right away.

[liveblog] There is a tremendous power in whatever you do in building direct relationships.

[liveblog] Data is incredibly important. Mitch is completely in sync with us on this point. Take that linear data, and make something more out of it, get intimate with it, understand its true potential.

[liveblog] The majority of consumers say they don’t want advertising. At the same time, they want the ads they do so to be more relevant to them. We do this by utilizing data.

[liveblog] Brands who understand the power of leveraging data and social together will win.

[liveblog] Mitch’s third point is about utility. Creating things that people will actually want to use.

[liveblog] In a day and age where people are inundated with marketing constantly, your ability to create something truly useful is what will set you apart from the competition.

[liveblog] Why has Lego opened physical stores, amusement parks? They’re developing a better relationship with their customers.

[liveblog] Now that they have a better relationship, they’re able to create utility, the means by which they can demonstrate to their customers the benefits, the excitement of their product.

[liveblog] Now we’re on to passive vs active. Do you love your job? If not, you’re going to have your ass kicked by someone who does.

[liveblog] New marketing mix models are going to be driven by the idea of active vs passive. Are consumers active or passive? How about the brands? Make sure to use active channels like Facebook as ACTIVE channels. Passive in that space will fail.

[liveblog] One screen world. The only screen that matters is the one in front of you.

[liveblog] Mitch believes we will be working in a world with no keyboard and mouse. Soon.

[liveblog] When asked how many of us think we’ll be able to do with our smartphones what we can do with our laptops today, everyone said two years or less. With that belief, are we developing for that eventuality?

[liveblog] Content access by consumers via their mobile devices is increasing by 75% per year. (!!!)

[liveblog] To sum up: direct relationships, sex with data, utilitarianism marketing, passive vs active, one screen world. These are underlying currents of movement that are fundamentally changing the marketing landscape. The brand narrative can change from channel to channel, must change with each.

[liveblog] Amazing keynote address from Mitch Joel. Very powerful, inspiring stuff. What a great way to kick off the User Summit!

Mark John Hiemstra

Mark John Hiemstra

Mark John Hiemstra is a content and social media marketing consultant to Acquisio. He got involved in digital marketing purely by accident, and has spent the last several years learning about building relationships with consumers online through the many channels available to those who are willing to get involved. He is loathe to discuss himself in the third person, but can be persuaded to do so, from time to time.

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