Improving the Business Side of Your Agency: The Acquisio User Summit Business Track

With the 2012 Acquisio User Summit just a few short months away, we’re taking the opportunity to share info about the Summit whenever and wherever we can. For example, our own Marc Poirier recently wrote a quick blog post for the SEMpdx blog (you know, the folks that put on SearchFest earlier this year) highlighting just what the Summit’s business track has to offer. From the SearchFest blog post:

For today’s search agencies, there’s no shortage of information, advice and opinions on the best way to optimize your clients’ campaigns for greater value, or to make the latest Google algorithm tweak work better for you. What there isn’t a whole lot of, however, is information on how to improve the business side of your search agency. As the search landscape continues to evolve—adding mobile, social, display and more along the way—those on the executive team at search agencies are struggling with how to best adapt to this evolution.

So how can your agency not just survive, but thrive as the search landscape evolves? Check out the full text of the SEMpdx blog post to find out the kinds of questions that those on the business side of the agency are asking, and how the Acquisio User Summit will answer those questions.



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