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SAS Macogep Acquisio Women’s Cycling Team Winning Internationally

The SAS Macogep Acquisio women’s cycling team is continuing their domination of the cycling world this summer! Currently the second-best female cycling team in North America, SAS Macogep Acquisio has been active for over 10 years under the guidance of Gérard Penarroya and Jean-Christophe Barbotin, coach David Dulude, and the sponsorship of Acquisio and other dedicated partners.

Sas Macogep Acquisio women's cycling team

The growing team of incredibly talented and professional athletes is dedicated to inspiring young women to develop a passion for women’s high-level cycling and give these talented women the opportunity to compete on the world stage.

Notre plus jeune recrue cette année est Soline Lamboley! "Depuis 12 ans, je pratique le cyclisme sur route en compé…

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A few months ago we discussed how years of hard work and dedication have awarded the team the prestigious honor of being the only women’s cycling team in Canada granted the Union Cycliste Internationale (UCI) road licence. As Gérard Penarroya explains, “If we want them to progress, we must give them access to the best races. Without a UCI license, it is almost impossible to do so.” This accomplishment has allowed the team to tackle new challenges across the globe.

The team was also rewarded with a new sponsorship opportunity from quality athletic wear brand Castelli and MV Canada. Their hard work is continuing to pay off!

The Cycle of Success Continues

The team has been busy in the last few months racking up medals and proving time and again that they are true world class athletes who can take on any opponent.

In the first week of May, Adriane Provost, Catherine Dessureault, Christel Ferrier-Bruneau, Emma Bédard and Véronique Bilodeau competed in the The Time Trial of Granby. Despite heavy winds, the women swept the top four places of the race and dominated the podium.

On May 13th, the team competed in the Grand Prix of St-Raymond, which saw them compete face to face with the Master Men, Category 3-4 (50+). The athletes took the situation in stride and captured three of the top five positions. After the race, Christel said, “Again a wonderful race from the team, even if we would have preferred to win!”

On May 21st the France Cup took place in Brittany, with French team member Iris Sachet taking 4th place in the race.

June was also very successful for the team as they attended the Grand Prix De Charlevoix. On June 2nd, Vero took the bronze medal in the 24KM Criterium race. The following day at the TT race, Emma also took 3rd place for the team, with Vero taking 4th place. Emma took 2nd place at the Queen of the Mountain race also held on June 3rd, while fellow rider Christel got 3rd place. Emma and Vero took 3rd and 4th place respectively during the 84KM Road Race on June 4th.

Sas Macogep Acquisio women's cycling team

As Frédérique Larose-Gingras told Radio-Canada in a recent interview, “It’s my dream to be in a UCI team like this and to do great races. But now that I am there, I want more!”

The Future Looks Bright for the SAS Macogep Acquisio Team

These ambitious young women have proven that they are capable of amazing things. Their drive and determination to achieve their goals make them vital role models for young atheletes. These talented community leaders continue to empower young people at home and around the world as they set their sites on the next great race ahead of them (we’re looking at you Tokyo 2020!).

Acquisio has proudly sponsored the team throughout their journey to the top, and we can’t wait to see where their path leads them next!

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