Acquisio Community Kick Off

Exciting stuff!  This is my first blog entry for Acquisio and specifically for the Acquisio Community.

As the manager for the community, I have the good fortune to be able to indulge a few of my loves: reading, writing, an obsession for delivering excellent customer service, and working with a wide variety of people. 

So what do I do?  Well, one of my core tasks is to build and develop the community by encouraging people to get involved and share their ideas and opinions. So why have a community?  Acquisio was built on the foundation of providing hands-on customer interaction and streamlining day-to-day tasks.  The result, happily, was growth and prosperity.  As we grew, it became harder and harder to maintain our foundations of maintaining interpersonal relationships and disseminating information both to our clients and internally.  Enter the solution: community creation.

The community addresses some key issues:

Business Need

Community Solution

User feedback – clients, partners & employees            Discussions
Providing consistent information            Knowledge Center
Guidance for platform improvements            Ideas
Continuing education; How to use for new clients and employees           University

Discussion section is the place where you go to ask a question, get some advice, become familiar with the Acquisio employees and active Acquisio users.

Knowledge Center is where everything we have publicly available is grouped!  This section is constantly being updated as we discover gaps in information, or information that requires clarification, or as we add new features.   Since our launch, 30 business days ago, we have had over 3300 searches in this section alone!

Ideas section is taking our former Feature Requests into a more dynamic role.  Ideas gives everyone a vote for each new idea/feature proposed, and to discuss it with other Acquisio clients and employees.  Currently the top contender is for Agency Level Reporting.

University section is the place to start for all new users of Acquisio, and for everyone to get brushed up on the new features and functionalities being built into the Acquisio platform.  Everything needed for Acquisio’s new Certification badge is found here.

The community is open to all Acquisio clients, employees and partners.  For everyone else, why are you not using Acquisio?

If you have any questions, please feel free to leave them in the comments section below, and for those of you using our platform, come visit us in the Acquisio Community!

Sandra Bouchard

Sandra Bouchard

Sandra Bouchard is the Knowledge Base and Community Manager at Acquisio. She has more than 15 years of Customer Management augmented by fives years of Community Management. Her goal is to enable our clients, partners, and colleagues to do things that made a difference in their business activities. An avid MMO gamer, and gardener, Sandra has an obsessive passion for learning. Her favorite aspect of the Acquisio platform is, not surprisingly, the Acquisio Community.

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