Why Search Engine Marketing Gurus Can Be A Venture Capitalist’s Best Friend

Marketing GuruIn today’s world, growing successful businesses require many areas of marketing expertise, including a strong online presence. With that said, Venture Capital Firms which invest thousands and millions of dollars into those companies need to have the best talent available to ensure they have all of the marketing weapons at their disposal. When it comes to Online Marketing, one of the fastest ways to gauge a businesses audience as well as “move the needle” is with intelligent Pay-Per-Click Marketing. In this article, I will discuss why a Venture Capital Firm needs to have a Search Engine Marketing Professional at their disposal.

Start-up Clients There are new companies sprouting up all over the world and advertising budgets are typically scaled down for the first month or two to measure performance and this is where PPC Marketing can be an influencer. One of the biggest benefits for Startups (which has VC funding) is to have their Venture Capital Firm recommend a trusted PPC Marketer who can come in and “move the needle” by providing a just a few of the following:

  • Evaluate the Business Model as it pertains to PPC Marketing Tactics and Strategy
  • Help the Company Identify Online Audiences and Demographic capabilities
  • Perform a current PPC and Organic Search Competitive Analysis
  • Help put together an initial 3-6 month Strategy based on Goals/Objectives
  • Setup the Core Infrastructure for Web Analytics and Conversion Tracking
  • Develop Landing Page Design Strategy for optimal Conversion Rates

Combatting Fatigue Factor In some cases, a VC’s portfolio company might be in need of some “new and fresh” ideas of an outside consultant in order to “kick start” revenue growth. Having a PPC Marketer available (of course with a solid Getting a fresh perspective on marketing from a PPC professionalreputation and a high level of past successes) can take the pressure off of everyone, because it eliminates all of the pain of vetting out different vendors and references, etc… so they make a smart decision on who to hire. One-time Audits Perhaps, those companies who already have “in-house” staff that would not need to hire a Full-Time Consultant, but need an expert to come in and evaluate everything could be a very “cost effective” solution. For example, a PPC Marketer can provide an “in-depth” review of the following:

  • Overall Strategy and Tactics
  • Complete Quality Score Methodology
  • Landing Page Evaluation and Recommendations
  • Extensive Web Analytics and Conversion Analysis
  • Other available platforms and networks not currently being used
  • On-going optimization techniques and continued growth

In Conclusion: For a Venture Capital Firm, whose main interest is to make sure their portfolio companies are profitable and continuously growing, having an experience PPC Marketer at their disposal is “no-brainer”. It all comes down to Reputation, Trust and Good work. If a VC’s portfolio company is looking to hire a PPC Marketing Firm, whom better else to recommend to them than their own VC.



Greg is a well-versed Internet Marketing Expert who has helped companies both large and small achieve success in Search Engine Marketing through proven strategies and effective implementation. Since 2004 he shifted his focus to Search Engine Marketing Industry, especially Pay-Per-Click- Marketing, where he has helped both Fortune 500 companies, as well as Start-Ups to improve branding, increase online and offline revenues, cut costs and succeed online.

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