What to Learn from the Google Sales Masterclass

If you are part of the Google Partner program, you are probably aware that Google has launched a series of trainings to leverage the sales skills of its partner agencies. The trainings usually last two days and offer a wide range of basic and advance techniques to increase your sales closing rate, better approach clients, and increase your client’s loyalty.  We usually blog about new trends, new features or new technologies, but sales remains our firm oxygen.

I have followed one of these trainings and here are few very interesting concepts that I want to share with you.

You are not selling Internet advertising.

We usually build our sales pitch around our unique Adwords or other advertising platforms expertise. This whole presentation technique has to change. You are in the business of selling critical revenue generation solutions and expertise. Yes!

With your expertise, industry knowledge and ability to forecast trends, you affect your client’s top and bottom line. Adwords, Adcenter, social ads, or RTB/Programmatic platforms are simply tools that you use to achieve this objective, not the core of your service.  With our fast pace industry, let’s be honest, you don’t want your firm’s core competency to rely on a publisher tool that might not be cool anymore in a few years.

You don’t want to be a consultant.

Being a simple consultant is not a good position, it is easy to be cut out of the deal. You want to be a trusted partner. A trusted partner does not only give advice on what to do and present a nice detailed report, they actually advise on what the firm should be doing and execute the mandate. It relates to the first item, see the bigger picture and talk money.

Radical honesty & alignment

Our trainer was Alex Langshur from Cardinal Path. He was very good and extremely helpful. The concepts of honesty and alignment, which he discussed with us during the training, are the most important customer relationship guidelines whatever the size of the client you are dealing with.  

Be honest about everything you do: deadlines, realistic client objectives and what needs to be done to achieve them. Don’t leave anything to self-interpretation.

The concept of alignment is highly related to honesty but works more on the communication side. For every step of the project, communicate with your client with full transparency to ensure a perfect alignment with the objective. This is the key to maintain and retain your customers.

Although those trainings look basic at first, they are very good at bringing us back to the essentials. They are great events that get you away from campaigns management and hands on customer relationship and acquisition, which is the key to success!

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