Video: Improving Text-Ad Results

Last week at SMX in San Jose I participated on a panel called Writing Killer PPC Ad Copy – with Shane Snow and David Szetela, with Matt Van Wagner as our moderator.

Shane gave a great presentation on creative approaches to writing ad copy, and David shared his broad knowledge including a focus on how ads and ad copy needs to be different on the content network.

I focused on three aspects of success with text ads:

1. Organize campaigns so the ads are seen by the right people.
2. Develop recipes for your ad copy to help you test for different triggers.
3. Conduct formal tests to find dramatic CTR improvements.

Improvements in text ad performance – meaning higher click-through-rates -are within reach of every paid search advertisers. With a simple approach and a little effort, you can drive up CTR by 2x-4x or more, which brings a lot of advantages:

  • Higher Quality Score
  • Lower Cost-Per-Click
  • Better Impression Share
  • Higher Positions

Hopefully this 10-minute presentation will provide some insights, and inspire you to spend some time improving your text ads:




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