Video: Growth & Decline Report in ClickEquations Analyst

Months ago we were sharing our development progress with our advisor Avinash Kaushik and asking him for input in terms of the kinds of search analytics capabilities we should include in ClickEquations.

Avinash, like another charismatic leader, shared his passion for change.

avinashkaushik“It’s fine to see the top 50 keywords by clicks, or the top 10 ad groups by revenue” he said, but what is much more powerful is to see what’s changed – the keywords making money today that were not making money yesterday. Or the campaigns that performed well last month, and are not performing well today.”

There is a great post on the subject of this approach to reporting on his well respected blog, written about the time this conversation took place.

In our talk he went on to explain that “the top ten of anything rarely changes. With the Delta Reports you can truly see “what’s changed” and what changes is what’s actionable. If keywords were suddenly producing clicks or conversions, a marketer can and should go figure out why.”

This leads to another word you hear often when talking to Avinash – “insight”.

“When they go and figure out why a keyword or campaign is suddenly performing or failing to perform, they’ll likely learn something about their business or market. Something they can capitalize on.”

ClickEquations Analyst Delta Reports
The conversation inspired us to add a major new capability to our ClickEquations Analyst Excel Plug-in.

excel-smallThe Delta Report tables make it possible to request information about any PPC metric, and get back a sorted list based on the difference between two time periods.

Or as Avinash would say, we show you what’s changed:

  • So you can request the top 100 keywords making more money this week than last.
  • Or the 5 campaigns whose click-through-rates have dropped the most dramatically between January and last September.
  • Or the worst 5 ad groups in terms of declining impressions.
  • Or just about any period-to-period comparison pre-sorted by the amount of change.

See These Reports In Action
The Delta Report tables in ClickEquations Analyst allow you to request any data for any time-frame, and build whatever report or dashboard you need. They automatically compare the selected timeframe to the prior period (this week to last week, last month to the month before it) or you can specify any two arbitrary periods to compare.

This is very powerful.

But we include pre-built reports that are ready-to-use and take advantage of these features too.

One is our Growth/Decline Report which shows you twelve different views of your campaign and keywords based on the amount of growth and decline against a variety of metrics including clicks, revenue, and profit.

This report is the subject of the next video in our ‘ClickEquations in 90-Seconds’ series – which is now live on YouTube and below.


Video: ClickEquations In 90 Seconds – Growth/Decline Report


PS: Thanks to Avinash for the idea and inspiration.



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