Understanding Retargeting Part 2: Dynamic Search

With the practice of retargeting on the tip of every marketer’s tongue we’ve put together a three-part series dedicated to the different angles on this topic. Read Understanding Retargeting Part 1: Introduction here. 

Combining the familiarizing power of remarketing ads with the personalization of dynamic retargeting is a really good idea. Companies like Netshoes increased ROI by 30% while Sierra Trading Post saw a 5x increase in conversion rate after using dynamic remarketing. An eCommerce gift shop saw a 79% decrease in CPA with dynamic search remarketing!

While dynamic remarketing for search has been a successful endeavor for many businesses, this practice continues to evolve making room for even better results. Today dynamic remarketing and retargeting is being paired with machine learning for unprecedented results. Before we get to the “wins,” though let’s go through the “what’s.”

Dynamic Remarketing for Search

Dynamic search ad (DSA) campaigns allow you to change headlines based on a person’s search for better chances of conversion. PPC Hero wrote a killer post on the practice of marrying dynamic ad campaigns with remarketing lists for search ads (RLSA).

Screenshot of DSA plus RLSA for retargeting from PPC Hero

The image to the right says it all, but the post explains how the ad’s headline, product landing page, category and/or content dynamically changes based on what is being searched for. In a remarketing context the ad copy would target the user with personalized messaging, perhaps telling them to come back on the site and showing them an image of a product they viewed.

Having been around since 2013, you’ve likely been retargeted dynamically many times over with things that you searched for online. In fact you yourself may have been guilty of falling through another business’s familiarity-funnel via retargeting and didn’t even realize!

As a marketer, dynamic retargeting opens up many more doors for possible conversions.  While your keyword research and campaign structure still needs to be solid, dynamic allows your ads to show up for more searches without you having to create an ad for almost every possible permutation of a related search query.

Setting Up Dynamic Retargeting

Google gives a quick overview for how to sync up inventory into dynamic remarketing campaigns:

  • Create dynamic search ads in AdWords within the Business data section of the Shared Library.
  • Non-retailers can make dynamic ads here but they wouldn’t have any inventory to connect with. Retailers on the other hand can use Google Merchant Center and a spreadsheet that includes product information (.csv .xlsx etc).
  • Spreadsheets typically include product information like ID, description etc. and allow Google to read what you have in-stock and connect it with what people are searching for. That’s the dynamic part.
  • To retarget people you have to go back to the tracking code tutorial earlier pertaining to basic retargeting, but instead use a “dynamic remarketing tag with custom parameters” and apply it to all the pages of your site.
  • You’ll end up with retargeting lists in the Audiences section of the Shared Library with each person actually being linked to the product they viewed on your website.

While some can retarget in their sleep, the setup isn’t intuitive for new retargeters looking to get dynamic. If you’re having trouble getting setup you need to look at CPC Strategy’s guide to dynamic retargeting.

Do It Dynamically

Dynamic remarketing makes search marketers into superheroes, with the ability to sync ad campaigns with live inventory and personalize what someone sees in your retargeting ad based on their browsing behavior automatically. The personalization goes down to which ad placement that user is most likely to click on! Crazy right?! It gets better…

The next post in our series will uncover how marketers are powering retargeting campaigns using machine learning, so keep an eye out for Part 3 on the way!

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Feature Image: Unsplash/John Towner

All screenshots by Chandal Nolasco da Silva. Taken July 2017.

Image 1: PPC Hero

Chandal Nolasco Da Silva

Chandal Nolasco Da Silva

With nearly a decade of digital marketing experience, Chandal has created content strategies for both the biggest and sometimes the most unexpected markets, while developing strategic relationships with editors and publishers. Chandal contributes to some of the highest authority industry publications, has been featured in industry events and is thrilled to be Acquisio’s Content Director.

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