Tweet Recap: The Past Seven Days from @clickequations (2009-05-15)

  • RT @avinashkaushik: Prepare UR mind to be blown, even if U don’t believe him: Ray Kurzweil, Singularity, 4 Videos (22 …
  • Working on the sequel to last Revenue Attribution Post. There are a lot of dark corners to light up on this one.
  • Now following lots of great folks met at #mpsis last week. Should have watched the real-time twitter feed more closely….
  • Revenue Allocation for PPC – The Messy Issues Blog Post –
  • RT @rimmkaufman: Google PlusBox Performance : Reaction to 6-months of PlusBox performance..
  • WOW (IF TRUE) is this great, right, and over-do: RT @YahooGuy: Google to allow bidding for trade names of competitors.
  • Hyatt: This is not a ‘Big Welcome’ :
  • Pulling into Penn Station NYC. Have 20 min free. Anyone here want to learn how to improve their PPC campaigns?
  • Per User is the right answer to the @replies debate. Good work @twitter, can’t wait to see it implemented.
  • The ClickEquations Blog is coming to the Kindle Store. They say 48-72 hours. I love Kindle on iPhone, so there’s 1 subscriber!
  • (I’m VERY suspicious of this…) RT @anilbatra: Hitwise: Paid Search traffic down 26%
  • New Yahoo #PPC Search Query Expand Report – Not Quite Up To Par With Google: (via @Szetela)
  • – Our blog now on Amazon for Kindle (but not iPhone)
  • Good on Google for their new TM policy. Ha to them for claiming it’s about ‘ad quality and user experience’. It’s about $$ but that’s OK!
  • Great article on role of Position in Bidding and PPC by George from RimmKauffman –
  • Client Training Today, 1pm EST – Learn new features like bulk editing, revenue attribution, conv events, etc –
  • The new #Adwords interface includes a lot more complexity and is often confusing. That’s good for ClickEquations.
  • Magic Quality Score Snake-Oil. Twitter search ‘Quality Score’ and buy all you want.
  • RT @dberkowitz: RT @360i On the blog: Google’s New Trademark Policy and Its Impact on Marketers >>
  • Besides Google, free speech & common sense, winner from the new TM rule will, unfortunately, be lawyers. All may not win long-term

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