Tweet Recap: The Past Seven Days from @clickequations (2009-05-01)

  • – Advertising overload at minor league baseball
  • There is not an inch of this Coca Cola minor league ball park not covered in ads. There was a sponsor for the National Anthem – really.
  • Every time someone tweets or blogs bad #PPC advice, Google makes more money. Talk about a cash-flow machine…
  • My first article for SearchEngineLand should be posted today. Guess the topic?
  • Quality Score eBook Preview Chapter 5 now Live – – What the heck does QS do anyway?
  • How come somebody I’ve un-followed can still send me DM tweet spam? #
  • I LOVE both these guys, but really – a $500 book cover print? – RT @gapingvoid: @SethGodin – secret, evil plan
  • – Briefing at Forrester this morning in Boston.
  • ClickEquations Upgrade This Weekend – Some great and highly requested new features – Watch this space and our blog on Monday.
  • ClickEquations Clients Only – Request to Follow @CQstatus for client-only ‘private’ channel of important announcements.
  • It makes no sense to manage #ppc campaigns on last-click revenue allocation. It’s like giving all sales commission to the cashier.

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