Tweet Recap: The Past Seven Days from @clickequations (2009-04-24)

  • I made a terrible decision. I’m writing a book on Quality Score. Serialized on the blog as we go. 
  • Quality Score in High Resolution – The Preface –
  • RT @avinashkaushik: Podcast: Orgasmic digital marketing. Analytics. Social M. +More Site: D’load:
  • Quality Score in High Resolution – Intro Chapter of eBook – #adwords #search
  • RT @wilreynolds: Idea on using #ppc to test terms for use in PPC – (Interesting idea, in moderation)
  • Quality Score ebook – Chapter 3 preview now live – – a fisk of Google’s own words. 
  • RT @avinashkaushik: U R measuring Conversion Rate wrong. Here’s a “radical” idea to compute ur actual “opportunity pie”:
  • Online Marketing Made Easy. Seriously? Any marketing that is easy is ineffective, or soon will be.
  • RT @JordanLeonard: Updates to Google AdWords conversion metrics —
  • RT @avinashkaushik: Google Analytics API is here! (Can’t wait for the new improved iPhone Apps)
  • What match type matches my name to a ‘Used Chevy Trucks’ ad? (Vanity Testing the new thingy)
  • Why Quality Score Exists – – Chapter 4 pt1 in the eBook serialization. Nobody has any comments? 
  • RT @TheGrok: Google adds SERP rank to referral URLs (This is HUGE and one I’ve requested for years. Yeah!) #
  • So Google: When we gonna get an actual position parameter in the #ppc referrer like you now provide for SEO? We need it too!!! 
  • The Quality Score number Google reports to you is not the same Quality Score number they use internally. Confused yet?
  • My last tweet means that our ‘Economics of QS’ post is um, ‘er, wrong. Directionally right but not literally/mathy true
  • Warning: Tricks: DT @CBSSYS: Want to get High Quality Score for your Google Adword program. There are some tricks for this.
  • Google says: landing page is not a factor in calculating ad position (via Quality Score). Limits LP tricks for QS huh?
  • Quality Score eBook Preview Continues – Chapter 4 part 2. #
  • I read this as meaning LP is a factor when QS is used to calculate price, but not rank. Consistent with other Google statements.
  • Google used the word ‘relevance’ like airlines use ‘security’. Doesn’t make it true but you can’t argue. #AdWords

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