Tweet Recap: The Past Seven Days from @clickequations (2009-04-10)

  • Ready to be responsible (legally & financially) for what others say about you? Yikes!
  • The ‘High Resolution PPC’ ebook I’ve been working on has turned into a full book – wrestling with what to do about that… 
  • RT @immeria: The more I work on #WASP the more I find how incredibly complex it is to do good #wa implementations!
  • Need a quote about being under-powered. Something like bringing knife to a gun fight. Anybody got a good one?
  • DeTweet @SalasWebMktg: Effective paid search ad copy includes the keyword in the title AND description. Maximize that quality score!
  • If you design web pages or software interfaces, is your new best friend.
  • Quality Score is PageRank for #PPC people. Correspondingly the BS about it just won’t quit.
  • #Twitter is CB Radio 30 years later. Fun ’till everybody got one. Then signal/noise ratio went the wrong direction. Same here I fear.
  • RT @youcalc: razor sharp post by @avinashkaushik “you’ll never think of Paid Search the same way!”
  • RT @rimmkaufman:Affiliate Death Blow? Amazon Fires a Shot across the bow: Amazon bars affiliates from PPC adver..
  • An #Affiliate is a partner, and partners need to add value or there’s no point. How do affiliates doing #PPC for Amazon add value?
  • RT @seomasterlist: from (@andrew_goodman) Getting Core Paid Search Analytics Right (Part 1)
  • #ppc must read: A court ruling so stupid it could be a new law from congress. Am I allowed to type the word ‘congress’?
  • Quality Score Question: Are we graded on a curve? Does someone have a 10 for every keyword (given query and geo etc)? 
  • Is it bad when an article makes you want to puke? Geez is this Low Res. DT Quality Score 101,
  • Clients – Excel Plug-in Training (ClickEquations Analyst) this Thurs 1pm. Register here:
  • To increase Quality Score, use the letter ‘Q’ often in ads and landing pages. Sorry, just realized it was Tweet Bad QS Advice Day’. #
  • We have another contestant: DT @ronnypassarge: 8 Steps To Improve Your Quality Score | YellowSEO – Search Engine …
  • ‘Nother. Judging Gonna Be Tough: RT @littlegingerkid: Should Google start counting RT’s towards a site’s quality score?
  • ClickEquations Analyst training webinar beginning now. If you signed up, come on in….
  • New #Google #Adwords Match Type – Include Match – – It’s about time.

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