Tweet Recap: The Past Seven Days from @clickequations (2009-04-03)

  • Why does Yahoo still have only two levels of Match Type? Why do they not label them Broad and Exact?
  • Hint for @Yahoo – Clone Adwords. We’ll spend more money on your platform if you make it easier to. We spend less because you don’t.
  • Happy 10th ClueTrain Manifesto – – – THE must read #marketing book for our times. New Edition Coming!
  • RT @SmBizGuru: Listen to the replay of 1-hr @szetela interview. #PPC fundamentals and tips: #
  • What did you used to do with the time you now spend on twitter?
  • RT @Szetela: My slides for the Black Hat PPC session at SES NY last week:
  • Want to grow your company? Follow and listen to this guy: RT @joshk: Yogi Berra’s rules for startups –
  • I wish people used DM more. Replies that are only meant for and of value to one person seem to be overwhelming the twit-sphere. IMHO
  • RT @Szetela: Hear the outrageous #sesny Drunken PPC Rockstars Roundtable, live last week from SchmoozeFest:
  • RT @bgtheory: In US w/ #AdWords you can use any KW you desire. If TM holder files exception, then no KW in ad copy
  • RT (with strong agreement) @andrew_goodman: Rant: How Guy Kawasaki is Singlehandedly Ruining Twitter
  • Retweeting @Szetela: New Tool in #AdWords That Tells You Which Keywords Are Inactive”
  • In Boston tomorrow, anyone want to get together? Will buy lunch for any $1MM PPC advertisers 🙂
  • I’m thinking of tackling bidding, deep and wide, in the next blog post series. What do you think?
  • Very glad we’ve embarrassed google into displaying all search queries – welcome, seriously.
  • RT @bgtheory: How important is the landing page to #AdWords quality score?
  • I’ve said it before. Microsoft needs to take their own domain and make it their search engine name & URL. Then spend $100MM
  • DeTweet: A Quality Score Article to ignore – – “One common mistake is to assume that a lower CTR means a lower QS” OMG!
  • ClickEquations Client Training Webinar – Tomorrow 1pm EST – Sign Up – Bonus: preview upcoming new functionality.
  • RT @nskislak: Just finished creating a HUGE #SEM for a local Michigan concrete company
  • RT @PPCPROZ: Inactive KeyWords are Alive and Well…
  • A rumor with both Google and Twitter in it. The cosmos may implode…
  • RT @bgtheory: Broad Match KW’s Are Not Converting Higher than Exact Match KW’s: (CQ MT Report #
  • Can someone please build a ‘tweet while sleeping’ dream summarizer for @Szetela ? 🙂

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