Tweet Recap: The Past Seven Days from @clickequations (2009-03-27)

  • I like this. Testing has it’s place, but ‘wisdom of crowds’ isn’t universally better than expertise or even opinion.
  • Do people believe these eye tracking studies? Really? I just can’t take them seriously. Interesting but only slightly.
  • DT @nvi: Post on PPC cannibalization: (too simplistic analysis & ‘prove-my-point’ example data) 
  • RT @PPCPROZ: You can’t opt out of Yahoo’s PPC search partners – that really sucks, as there are endless yahoo “search partners”
  • Tip for Kindle Book Authors – Forced justification sucks at that line length. Makes a mess of your spacing which makes reading hard.
  • RT @SEMOE: New Post: I Am A PPC Farmer | Paid Search Gardening Tips
  • #Adwords First Page Minimum Bid – New Blog Post (Pt. 1 of 2) (Visit ClickEquations at SES #328 Adv.)
  • RT @duanebrown @GuyKawasaki had a lame keynote at #SES about spamming twitter – major bummer. (Sounds like another nail in the coffin)
  • Heard from #SES that the ClickEquations booth was packed today with great advertisers and agencies. Thanks to everyone who stopped by.
  • I’ve submitted the DeTweet ( to the Urban Dictionary (awaiting editorial approval). @TinaFey made me think of it.
  • RT @TheGrok: Matthew David Eisenberg was born at 11:32pm thanks for the well wishes everyone is fine
  • RT @bgtheory: How to benchmark your keyword’s quality scores against the competition
  • Post on #Adwords Min First Page Bid (#2 in a series) – Do you really need to bid that high?. #PPC #Search #SES #
  • RT @Szetela: Google Testing Increased #AdWords Character Limits:
  • RT @philyeh: “The geeks got money” -Local comic book store owner, when I asked how the economy is affecting him (funny)
  • #Adwords Quality Score Changes Revealed – New Post – New ClickEquations Analyst Report #ppc
  • We’ve had the new #Adwords interface for a few months. Didn’t know it was so rare…
  • Realizing #Marketing is now a science – (References our QS Economic post) #search
  • RT @bgtheory: #PPC There is Not a Magic Number for How Many Keywords Should be in an Ad Group: (YES, Exactly right)
  • RE: @bgtheory post on ‘KW Magic Numbers’ – old favorite ‘it’s an ad-group not a keyword group’
  • Missed us at #ses? ClickEquations Intro to PPC Platform Webinar – Tues 31st, 1pm EST – Reg Now:
  • RT @joshk: This tweet was written by my ghost tweeter – (Boy does this suck, inauthentic tweets – yuk)
  • Ghosted tweets should always end with initials of Ghost to denote ‘not advertised author’. So if this was a ghost post -JP

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