Tweet Recap: The Past Seven Days from @clickequations (2009-02-27)

  • RT @avinashkaushik: @DennisMortensen: U guessed wrong. Tell me time and place-I’ll be there. (Can us mortals buy tickets? 2 Great Guys!) #
  • Killer discussion of revenue attribution Last click must die. #ppc #
  • Why do I feel the need to shower after visiting any affiliate-related #PPC website offering the secrets I should pay them to tell me? #
  • RT @avinashkaushik: Care to get Certified? No, no not that one. In Online Marketing! My little startup MarketMotive: #
  • Retweeting @Szetela: My New Blog Post: The World’s Best Conference for PPC Advertisers ( #
  • DeTweet: Bid Rule Strategy article in Winter SearchMarketingStandard. Really bad advice there, thankfully too hard to implement. #
  • If someone’s selling ‘tricks’ or ‘secrets’ you shouldn’t be buying. Especially re: Adwords. Unless U like the ‘Quarter from your ear trick’. #
  • Suggesting every keyword be in the text ad is a bit overstated. Great sentiment but silly proposed as literal. Google Gets Meaning/Context. #
  • Finally started my trial of ( First data in today, will post thoughts over coming days. #
  • Time to spend time managing our PPC. Where theory meets reality, and I switch from ClickEquations evangelist to guy who wants more features. #
  • Bottom Line: Quality Score is CTR unless not enough history of that yet, then falls to group QS, or even Account QS. Other factors minor. #
  • Exception is ‘bozo filter’ where Quality Score penalties are assessed, for deceptive copy, adsense spam, etc regardless of CTR. #
  • Finishing the transition to Windows7. Been weekending with it for a few, ready for mid-week. #
  • RT @szetela: Interview tomorrow with @tomcuthbert of ClickForensics, and learn the A-B-Cs of #PPC click fraud: #
  • RT @PPCPROZ: Inactive Keywords Alive and Well? An Apology and Correction. Kudos to Adwords for improving System… #
  • RT @TheGrok: Money For Nothing & Clicks For Free #
  • The press morons who didn’t get blogging 3-6 years ago have dusted off their old ‘boring diaries’ artcles for twiitter. #
  • Win Free ClickEquations PPC Management Software 1-yr license. Value up to $240K. Details: Follow us to enter. #
  • RT @NickRac: Anyone know where I can check if keywords are TM’d under Google AdWords BEFORE I setup an entire campaign? #PPC (Great Q?) #
  • RT @szetela: #PPC Advertisers: Take Back Your Search Accounts! – Excellent advice. #
  • Found the first ‘must have app’ that’s not compatible with Windows7 – GoToMeeting. C’mon Citrix, what’s the problem? #
  • Adblock Plus removes PPC ads from Google by default – I always forget that until I do a fresh FireFox installation. #
  • DT @SeanDonahoe: #PPC: Use a template that displays the keyword coming in to save CPC (Nope: Landing Pages can not reduce CPC or improve QS) #
  • But a landing page that matches/includes keywords and queries is a good idea towards conversion and to lower bounce rate. #PPC #
  • Buying every broad match type keyword at phrase and exact too suddenly makes sense to me. Broad matches to each phrase and exact anyway… #
  • …but your Broad is beat by Phrase and Exact of others. So pure Broad is actually Broad (yes) Phrase (maybe) Exact (maybe). Who wants that? #
  • RT @paulbradshaw Google EyeTracking: #seo #sem (CQ: I’m very unsure of these – click history doesn’t support them) #
  • RT @tomcuthbert: Marketing Consigliere joins “delusional” debate ) #
  • Want some free paid search resources? Check out the brand new Learn section on our site – #
  • Listening to Bernacke talk to congress. Hold on to your hats. And you might want to close your eyes for a while. #
  • RT @omniture: new blog post: Implementing Twitter Data Tracking in Omniture SiteCatalyst #
  • Working on a post justifying 3rd party #ppc tools. Why do you need more than the engines provide? What’s worth paying for? #adwords #
  • RT @brianchappell: RT @cemper: Search Queries Are Getting Longer: (Do you know what your search queries are?) #
  • Next follower is 400th – be it and get 5 entries in our ‘win a year of ClickEquations software’ contest. #ppc #adwords #
  • Thanks @PresellPageMan – You’re #400, and 5x entrant in our contest! #
  • Long range planning this AM. Any cool features you want? #PPC #AdWords #
  • Analytics or reprts don’t tell you what to do. But that’s what people want to know. #
  • Maybe people can’t pay their mortgages because a turkey sandwich is $14 at the airport. #
  • Report on Click-Through-Rates from Penn State, with PDF download. #
  • Check out our article on using different match types on Web Pro News – #
  • RT @Szetela: RT @rimmkaufman: rkgblog: Q1 PPC Benchmark Data: Ouch!: #
  • RT @bgtheory: Google updating analytics. Make sure GA & AdWords are linked: #


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