Tweet Recap: The Past Seven Days from @clickequations (2009-02-20)

  • RT @dannysullivan: wow. twitter was second largest referring source to search engine land yesterday just behind google. wow. #
  • Dave Marsh plays live Van Morrison and reads vintage Lester Bangs. Best Sirius music yet. #
  • New Post from @SEMOE on advantages of multi-account editing in ClickEquations 
  • My SMX ‘Life With #Adwords Quality Score’ preso now via YouTube Includes some cool QS distribution graphs #
  • Retweeting @thelostagency: “Dear Avinash”: Bounces, Abandonment, Visitor Ratios & Data Drops! #
  • ClickEquations – February Release Webinar today 1pm EST – All Welcome – See new management tool and bidding features #
  • We’re on tour in Boston today. #
  • – Mob movie festival at Italian restaurant in Boston. #
  • Training Webinar on New ClickEquations editing and bidding features today 1pm EST for all clients and trial customers. #
  • RT @szetela: Black hat tactics (David’s not suggesting these…) #
  • DeTweeting: @modetwo:  Tip4: Maintain a “trial” adwords acct and a “best of breed” adwords acct for high CTR adgroups/kws. QS Will Soar. #
  • Introducing the DeTweet (DT) #
  • Retweeting @giovanni: Guy Kawasaki “Twitter is 140 Characters of junk mail” (Sometimes, Hence the DeTweet #

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