Tweet Recap: The Past Seven Days from @clickequations (2009-01-23)

  • New video on Impression Share in ClickEquations Analyst – just posted on our YouTube channel. #
  • Our company holiday party is tonight. MUCH easier to hire a Santa this time of year. #
  • Retweeting @erez_z: Google showing ads on image searches – just the top 3. I think it won’t do very well for advertisers – time will tell #
  • Marketers say people don’t need drills, they need holes. You don’t need keywords, you need search queries. Why do KW’s get all the press? #
  • Another QuickEquations in 90 Seconds Video: See campaign & keyword growth or decline reported versus the prior period. #
  • Last post in our Impression Share Series is now liive. This one focuses on how to get back lost impression share. #
  • Retweeting @bgtheory: New blog post: Conventional Wisdom Failing when Search and Content are Not Treated Separately #
  • What better post-inauguration event than a ClickEquations Webinar? Today at 1pm EST. Nearly 2 million joining from DC! #
  • Google kills those mucho-ugly-o print ads they were offering/running. The design/execution was wrong. They’ll try again. #
  • Why do YouTube Insight Analytics lag by 2-3 days? #
  • RT @rimmkaufman: Google Broad Match: A Change for the Worse: Google’s Broad Match changed over the summer — unb.. #
  • Surprisingly large % of PPC conversions come from landing page bookmarks – might be same person, emailed, tinyURL’s etc. Huge attribution ? #
  • Anyone know how any specific PPC tool handles bookmarked PPC URLs? They probably toss them & do not accrue revenue, but I’d like to be sure. #
  • Forbes article on Omniture latency woes. Over-states tech problem but not the service one. Comments reinforce this. #
  • New post on Revenue Attribution with rarely seen data of actual click-purchase sequences. How’d you spread credit? #ppc #
  • Retweeting @szetela: trying to solve the problem w/negs = “bop a mole” – get hip: #
  • ClickEquations Client / Trial User Training Today at 1pm EST. – Includes preview of new editing and bid automation. #

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