Tweet Recap: The Past Seven Days from @clickequations (2009-01-16)

  • Retweeting @SEMOE: Using ‘5s’ to manage paid search (ppc) keyword organization. #
  • Adwords ‘Suspended – low traffic keyword’. What’s that? Why can’t ads run on infrequently searched terms? How does this help them/us? #ppc #
  • No Google results for the exact adword phrase ‘suspended – low traffic keyword’. What does that say about this Adwords Status Message? #ppc #
  • Campaigns which organize all adgroups based on category give the appearance of organization and useful roll-up reports, but undermine both. #
  • Better to group tight adgroups into campaigns based on similarities in people targeted or performance characteristiccs. Better #’s & trends. #
  • Proofof PPC echo chamber? Google ‘Adwords Impression Share’. Nearly every hit is reprint of Goog post. Not good for this important metric. #
  • I’ve never really understood Exact Match Impression Share. I do now. I think many are confused by it. Working on a blog post to explain.. #
  • Just heard a great term that applies to #PPC and #WA – False Precision. All those numbers which seem specific but are really approximate. #
  • Pls take a survey about a specific revenue attribution question – how should keywords get credit for #ppc conversions – #
  • Looks like just two majorpaid search platforms soon. I hope they get this over with quickly. #
  • Walking downtown Palo Alto. Nice change from east coast. Finished demo with another huge advertiser who really liked clickequations. #
  • 2nd post in what’s becoming a series on Google Adwords Impression Share posted. #ppc #


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