Tweet Recap: The Past Seven Days from @clickequations (2008-12-05)

  • Only Adverts (the good non-banner kind) will thrive in this economy, says the Economist. They should know, right? #
  • Oops. Meant ‘Online Adverts’ in that last tweet #
  • MSoft to buy Yahoo Search – Take 14. I’d prefer it were true, they put a non-softie in charge and give G an actual run. #
  • Move in day at the new ClickEquations offices. #
  • Final batch Quality Score Webinar Q&A now posted There are 24 Q&A’s now live. Thanks Bryan @thegrok for hosting us. #
  • The final post in the week long Quality Score series is live. It was fun to dive on one topic. Which one should be next? #
  • ClickEquations Demo/Q&A Webinar today at 1pm EST. Sign Up Here: #
  • NYTimes discovers multivariate testing. Too bad they didn’t know about the ClickEquations MVT Text-Ad Testing Tool. #
  • Just finished roundtable on reveue allocation with retailers at SearchInsiderSummit. Last Click Allocation Must Die. #
  • Clickchain analysis is going to be as problematic as site clickpath analysis. People have hard time with true but not accurate. #
  • Rand says the way to win SEO is to dress up like a clown. That’s not what he said really, but that’s what he meant. Sad state of affairs. #
  • Quality Score and First Page Bid metrics now live in ClickEquations. Are we the first PPC Platform to take advantage of this new API data? #
  • At search insider summit wondering why panels still exist?They’re always weak and encourage banality & repetition. #


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