Tweet Recap: The Past Seven Days from @clickequations (2008-11-28)

  • Just had a breakthrough in my understanding of Quality Score – while prep’ing for the Tuesday Webinar . #
  • There’s always a new way to game the Google. #
  • My Quality Score Webinar with Bryan Eisenberg is Today at Noon EST. Still time to sign up – #
  • ClickEquations Update Live later today. User defined cookie lengths for last-click revenue allocation, assists metric for each keyword, etc #
  • Great Quality Score event with @TheGrok today. Hundreds of Q’s remaining which we’ll blog. Welcome new followers. #
  • Forgot to mention that editing goes live today – Oops Make changes to keywords and ad-groups directly from within ClickEquations. #
  • Reviewing the unanswered questions from yesterday’s QS webinar – blog posts with answers forthcoming… #
  • BTW: A sneek-peek at a future ClickEquations feature was accidentally left in yesterdays update. Find that easter-egg before it disappears. #
  • Replay of the Quality Score Webinar done with Bryan Eisenberg is now online – #
  • 20 interesting Quality Score questions answered in posts here and here . More to come. #
  • Shoot, I keep forgetting to #ppc my tweets. Intersted in Quality Score, please look at the last few… #
  • Going head-to-head with a ClickEquations competitor in front of a large advertiser and their agency in a few minutes. This should be fun! #
  • I love four day weekends. #
  • Online Advertising drives excellent branding results, per new Nielson study in Australia Is PPC a branding tool? Not sure #
  • Silly thread over at Mashable suggesting that Google not sell ads on keywords with unpleasantness. PC amok again. #


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