Tweet Recap: The Past Seven Days from @clickequations (2008-10-24)

  • Is it possible that only 50% of paid search marketers know about Google’s Impression Share? After a few weeks at trade shows, I think so. #
  • #ericpeterson – thanks for stopping by for a clickequations demo. glad I didn’t stand you up this time! #
  • Question at Emetrics: Can you modify ClickShare to account for high organic rankings on keywords? Answer: No, but great idea! #
  • Gary Angel notes difference between tail length and width – more specific vs tangential terms. #
  • Interesting stat from showing CTR impacting CPC with daily volatility. Wouldn’t have expected quick up/down reactions #
  • Mike Grehan #emetrics can go over the basics of search with his deep knowledge and enough true insights to make it compelling. #
  • My #PPC Rockstars interview with David Szetela on ClickEquations and High Resolution PPC is live at Webmaster Radio #
  • Playing with new ability in ClickEquations to pull ‘delta’ reports on any field showing those with most/least change. idea: @avinashkaushik #
  • Example: Show me the top 100 keywords that made me more money this week than last week. Or top 10 adgroup where my CPC grew the most. #


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