TheInsideAngle Blog Reviews ClickEquations

We held some blogger-only previews this week, and Andrey from theinsideangle has posted some thoughts after seeing ClickEquations.

The post is comprehensive, and here’s our favorite part:

From what I was able to see, the tool provides three traits that are very important to a search marketer.

  1. First, and most importantly, it tracks everything to a keyword level. There are many PPC management and analytics tools that don’t have this level of reporting so this is always the first feature I look for when analyzing any type of PPC software.
  2. Secondly, it’s fast.  During the presentation, Craig said that ClickEquations was pulling the data from their servers and the load times for each report seemed to be very quick. There is lots of data that needs to be pulled when running different reports for paid search campaigns that can be very labor intensive on the servers. Having software that is programmed to create custom reports and aggregate the data in a fast and efficient way is a big plus.
  3. Third is the detail. ClickEquations is able to provide very detailed data and Commerce360 has taken the time to add in other features that can be useful such as additional metrics, custom reporting and other features that make it, from an initial viewpoint, look better and more advanced than other PPC tools.

The tool also has some other added benefits such as professional looking reports, extensive integration with Excel (this is a big plus too) and an easy to use web interface. The interaction between Excel and the database looks like an analysts dream come true. The software allows you to quickly grab different sets of data into a custom report and quickly updates data as you change filters.

I could see this feature quickly becoming one of my favorites if I were to use the tool.

Thanks Andrey!

If you want to see for yourself, you have three easy options:

  • Stop by our booth (115) at in Las Vegas next week.
  • Sign up for an Invitation to set up a free charter account.
  • Watch this space for upcoming public webinar demos.

NOTE: If you’re a blogger and would like demo or a review account, contact me and we’ll set you up.



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