Siftable Reviews ClickEquations

We had a chance to sit down with James Green of Siftable to chat about ClickEquations, the state of the search market and the search marketing problems with think software is uniquely capable of solving.

James profiled our software in his platform review and our built-in Excel tool, ClickEquations Analyst:

ClickEquations had a separate Excel plug-in, which is included in the cost, called ClickEquations Analyst that is used for reporting. All I can say about this is – “Holy Crap”. I’m not much for urban slang but this piece was off the hook. Essentially what they do is have a set of canned reports (they’ll create custom reports to your business upon request) with some customization which is pretty cool but where this excels (pun intended) is in their integration with Excel.

It’s one of our favorite pieces too 🙂

James and I sat down for lengthier talk about search marketing in general and the search tool market:

We, as the advertising community, need to demand from Google transparency and control. They’re taking our money and therefore, we have a say. They’ve spent all the money on the marketplace that we profit from, but they’re also profiting from our participation in that marketplace.

We, as the advertising community, constantly need to be pushing the boundaries with Google and constantly need to be pressuring them to give us the level of transparency and control that we want. I think all the tools in our market, including ClickEquations, help because they push Google to align themselves better with our business goals. If Google was offering all these things we were doing, there wouldn’t be a market for tools like ours, but they’re not because the way we serve the advertising market and community isn’t necessarily what serves Google’s purposes.

Read Siftable’s ClickEquations review and interview with me. Thanks James!

If you’d like to interview anyone at ClickEquations, please email me, acohen @

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